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We are currently working on all of our Technology and Communication to help us all work better as a Team.  The following is a big part of our communication resources designed to help all of us know what each other is doing and share our ideas together.

Helpful Communication Links for our Teams:

Minutes & Agenda

The Idea Board

Google Team Drive

Website Access

[Note: Only members with the appropriate Google access will be able to view the above files/links.]

Steps for Reimbursement:

  1. Get “Approval” to Spend Funds BEFORE you do.
  2. Keep your receipt when you purchase items.
  3. Fill out the Reimbursement Form (make sure to sign it).
  4. Leave it in the Volunteer Mailbox in the Office.
  5. The Volunteer Treasurer signs it and submits it to the School.
  6. The School processes it and mails you a check.

If you are a FALA Volunteer and you don’t have access or have trouble downloading any of the above, please contact us.  We can easily “share” or make you an “account” for the things you need to get into.  It’s all about working together…!

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