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Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy

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FALA Communications & Marketing Team Meeting

Tuesday, September 26th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in Room 10 at FALA

We believe that Communications within the FALA Family is one of the keys to our success. To this end, we’ve been putting together a “Team” over the past few weeks to conquer all of our Communication & Marketing, and it’s time to present our plans to everyone and get your input.

This is a joint effort between the School Administration, Staff, Teachers, Students and Volunteer Corps. We’ve been talking about our Websites, Facebook pages, Buzz and Volunteer Newsletters, School Calendars, … and are working to make them all work run smoother. We are also looking at software to have a Volunteer Opportunities Board and also are going to add a Texting Service to our resources. It’s one of our goals this year to refine and redefine how we tell everyone about all of the great activities happening in our school.

Become a FALA Journalist

We are seeking photographers, writers, social media sharers … to help our Team succeed.

If you are interested in helping us make our communication and marketing systems stronger and/or wish to become a Journalist, please come to this meeting. We want your input and help!

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