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FALA Council Meeting Reminder and Notes

The FALA Council is a group that meets on the last Monday of Every Month at 3:30 pm in Rm 8 at school.  This group discusses and brainstorms about things that are happening at school and how to make everything run better.  

It typically is comprised of a few Students, Parents, Teachers, and also is run by Dean Crawley.  It is a great way to hear what feedback from all sides of our school and have a direct ear to give ideas to our Dean.  If you want to be involved and have a say in what is happening at our school, then The FALA Council IS the meeting to attend.

Next Meeting is Tomorrow
Monday, February 27th at 3:30 pm in Rm 8

Here are the notes from our last meeting on 1/30/17:

Attendees – Indie and Gessica Neilson, Joe and Debbie Bodin, Julia Gilmore and Deidre Crawley

  1. Communication – Dean Crawley asked that the FALA Council Members share info with her. There is a lot going on at FALA and the Dean wants to make sure nothing gets missed.
  2. Looking into the Application that FUSD uses for Snow Day Alerts or something similar to quickly get messages out to the FALA Community through texts.
  3. Promote FALA Extravaganza and 20th Birthday Party in a variety of formats.
  4. Start working on messages to Seniors and their families for Graduation.
  5. Julia will look into Flag Scanner.
  6. Develop a FALA Press Release List.

Standing item:

Concerns from students, parents or teachers that need attention:

* Parent Resources and general FALA Web Site usability.
* Academic Calendar was not posting.

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