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FALA Game Night | A Special Event

The FALA Volunteers are proud to host a “Game Night”
on Tuesday, January 10th at 6:30 pm at The Toasted Owl.

This will be a very special and fun evening for everyone involved in FALA.  

It is an evening for the whole family to laugh and smile. 

This is not a meeting, it is a fun social time!  So, join us…!


The Game

Can you draw?  Do you make awesome stick figures?

We have decided to play a variation of Pictionary.  Upon arrival, you will be randomly placed in your Team preparing for a brutal and absolutely nonsensical family game.  It will be a battle of artistic and non-artistic talent as you and your compatriots fight against the clock to draw complete nonsense.  If you can’t draw, then you will fit in.  If you can draw, then you may win.  We hope everyone will be loud, will be creative, and will enjoy the friendly competition.  The winning team will get a few prizes!  Everyone else will enjoy a good laugh…


The Food & Beverages

There will be a Soup and Bread bar, Cheese Platters, Cookies, and Coffee/Tea courtesy of The Toasted Owl.  Courtesy means – it’s all free!  If you get a chance to give their staff a big smile and a hug, please be sure to do so.  They have been awesome offering their restaurant to us and the food at no cost.  It doesn’t get any more community minded than this…  Cecily (the owner) has been so gracious in letting us use her location and has crafted a delicious menu to warm us all up during the cold winter weather…  So, come hungry…!  You may also purchase drinks at their fully stocked bar.  It’s a great location for us to have a fun evening.

The activities and food are all free, but donations are always welcome. 

You are ALL INVITED – parents, teachers, alumni, students, staff, administration, etc…

The Toasted Owl is located at 12 S Mikes Pike Street (across from the bus transfer station)

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