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FALA Relax | A Free Massage Event

The FALA Volunteer Corps is pleased to announce that we will be hosting an event called…

“FALA Relax”

Join us on Sunday, May 7th from 2 to 4 pm
at White Dove Cafe and the Flagstaff School of Music (FSM)
2211 & 2213 E 7th Ave (across from Big Lots)

This event is geared towards helping everyone at our school relax before the crazy end of the year season begins.  We all know that between final exams, end of year projects and papers, and the amazing amount of events, show, performances, … that FALA will be a stressful place for the next month.  So, the Volunteer Corps came up with a way to help us all RELAX.

The event will have two parts:

A Social Mixer

In White Dove Cafe, we will be having a SOCIAL MIXER where everyone can hang out, socialize, and enjoy each other.  We will have some Live Music courtesy of FSM, for the first hour there will be our very own Barista where you can purchase drinks and pastries from White Dove, and throughout the event we will have a smattering of snack foods for you to pick at.  It’s a great way to relax, get to know each other, and hang out with friends.  The idea is to have a nice time together!  To be the FALA Family!

Free Massages

In FSM, we will be having FREE MASSAGES during the whole event.  Everyone that comes to the event will get “3 Tickets” to win massages.  You can also choose to purchase more tickets for $5 each to raise your odds of getting more massages (and help our volunteer corps raise a little money to continue supporting our school).  The massages will be 15 minutes long and then our volunteers will choose the next “winners” who get to go the next round.  A chance to Relaxxxxxxxxx….!!!!!

Come RELAX with us and have a fun time!

This event is open to ALL of the FALA Family including: Students, Teachers, Administration, Staff, Parents, … and Volunteers.

We’d like to THANK all of the
below who have graciously donated their time!

Reilly Alexander
Essential Elements Massage

Bob Frumhoff
Bodyworks Therapeutic Massage

Taylor Hensley
Heart and Soul Sanctuary

Michael Hippard
Acupuncture & Massage Wellness Center

Dana Keyonnie

Dawn Marie
Heart and Soul Sanctuary

Breanna Moore
Take a Deep Breathe Massage

Brianne Panico
The Art of Being Present

Brittany Ross
Bodywork by Brittany

Patricia Sharpe
Mountain Healing Massage

Ivana Shoop
Ivana Massage

We’d like to encourage you to support the above Massage Therapists…!  

We all need a massage from time to time!





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