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Monthly Idea and Planning Gathering | CANCELLED

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are going to have to CANCEL this meeting!  We will reschedule as soon as we can…

Lots of Ideas & Projects in the Works!

We will be having our next Advisory and Volunteer gathering on Tuesday, December 6th at 6:30 pm at FALA in Room 10.

This will be a very special gathering where we get energized for the new year!  I have some fun things planned and it will be all about Brainstorming and Helping Each other move forward on our individual Team Projects. We will be sitting in a Circle and anyone who wants to talk about their area can do so… This will let the group discussions help us all move in the right direction.

ALL Advisory Counsel, Team Captains, Team Members, General Volunteers, Teachers… are invited. And, we’d like to encourage you to bring a friend too who might want to join our community!

Some Items on the Table:

  • A Music Representatives Idea – I have an awesome idea for the Music Reps that I think everyone is going to be jazzed about.  All MUSIC REPS need to attend this meeting and we’d also like our MUSIC TEACHERS to come and help get this going.
  • December Beautification Day Planning from Richard and Debbie.  And more projects in the works…!
  • The Social Coordinators (formerly the Event & Fundraising Team) will tell us about:  Flowers for Winter Escapades & our January Game Night.
  • A quick report from the Tech/IT Team.
  • The Appreciation Team will tell us of their upcoming plans and how our latest October Appreciation went.
  • A general duscussion about what the Area Reps are doing and could be doing.
  • Discussoin of a possible evening of True Colors by Deidre.
  • …and anything else you all want to talk about.

Feel free to bring snacks and beverages!

Please come and join us…! I’d love a RSVP so I can get a feel for who is coming.


Joe Bodin
Volunteer President

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