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Scheduling Days Meeting | Volunteers Needed

Join us as we prepare for Scheduling Days on
Thursday, July 13th at 7 pm at the Flagstaff School of Music

Scheduling Days at FALA are coming up quicker than any of us realized.  They will be held on August 1st and 2nd…  Each year, the Volunteer Corps helps out at this event making sure that students/parents know where they are going, we provide information about what we do, and help the Administration in any way we can.  We are currently in our “planning stages” and will be having this meeting to make sure that we are ready to help out.  

Some of the things we hope to organize are having: 

  • Volunteers there to Give Directions and General Information about the School.
  • A Volunteer Table with Flyers and Information about our Activities.
  • Carpool information and Signup Sheets.
  • An Electronic List/Laptop where people can Signup to be on our Emailer Lists.
  • Helpers for Students & Parents to work on their Schedules with the Staff & Administration.
  • Tax Credit flyers and information.
  • People available for Tours of the School if they’d like.
  • Volunteers there to provide any help the Staff & Administration ask of us.

If you’d like to be involved in the Planning and/or can Volunteer on those Days, please come to the meeting or email Susan Fox at falavolunteercorps@gmail.com.

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