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Volunteer Corps Open House | Join Us!

Join us for a very special night where you can come and talk with our Volunteer Advisory Counsel and our Team Captains.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 from 6:30 to 7:30 at FALA (Room 16).

open-house-signAll of our Teams have been working hard to get organized and plan their activities.  We now have a Team Captain for each of the programs that we have decided to start this year and most of our groups have a full compliment of Team Members too.  So, plans are in the works and our teams want to tell you what they are doing!

This is your opportunity to come down, talk with the Teams, and figure out how you would like to be involved.  We are just getting organized with our new Volunteer Corps, so you can be a big part of this adventure.  As the programs take off, we will have lots of fun things for you to do that bring you into the school, involve you with your kid(s) activities, and give you a way to help the school.  We are formulating all of our ideas and they are starting to happen.  Be a part of the fun…!

Appreciation Team | Area Representatives | Carpool Program | Communications Team
Events & Fundraising | School Beautification Days | Tech & IT Team

Join us at our Volunteer Corps Open House!

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