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08/06/19 Volunteer Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

A new school year is upon us and we’re excited for our upcoming Fall BBQ community event! Be sure to RSVP and sign up to bring some goodies to share. Event info in the latest FALA Buzz.

We will see you there!

Volunteer Planning Committee Agenda

Date/Time: Tuesday August 6th @ 7:00 PM

Location: Google Hangouts meet.google.com/gcj-jxxa-ihy

Attendees: Joe Bodin, Debbie Bodin, Josh Colvin, Tim Mahannah, Elena Russell

Agenda Items:


Business Agenda

  • Executive Director Report (Eli Cohen)
    • Financial Report
    • Eli – Need new Parent Email Lists as quick as possible (including 6th grade parents)



Upcoming Activities:

  • Fall BBQ: See item 4A
  • BBQ emailer:  See item D2A
  • Fall Roundtable: Set of September 19th from 6:30 – 8:00PM
    • Revisit at next meeting
  • UPDATE: Debbie will create a SignUp Genius with Volunteer Corp needs (Send the week of the 29th). Note from Joe: This is easier said than done.  What should it say? What is the “description” and “responsibilities” of each job?  What is the commitment time frame for each job – the school year? Should it be one big “jobs” sign up or should it be a few that come out with one or two jobs over the next few weeks?  We (as a group) need to be more specific about this for Debbie or she will not be able to put this out.
    • Volunteer Planning Committee – 5 Open Positions (Hold off until we have the new Parent email list with the 6th grade parents on it)
    • School Needs (Deb will email Eli)
    • One grant person (parent volunteer) on Eli’s team
    • Two fundraising parent volunteers to help administration with fundraisers
    • Communications Team – New Captain & 2-3 co-Captains – Hold until after the Team actually has a meeting and decides what they need.
      • Captain to work with school communication platform

Team Reports

  • Appreciation Team Report (Elena Russell, Beth Klein?)
    • Elena, Eli, and Jed talked about a monthly staff appreciation lunch. Lunches will begin in September with dates TBD.
    • Copy and forward Stephanie’s old SignUp’s on website
    • Elena needs Beth’s info.
  • Communications Team Report
    • BBQ Emailer/New Parent Emails – This should go out this week (on Thursday), but since we didn’t attend Scheduling Days we do not have the Email Addresses of new Parents. (List management issues)
    • CANCELLED: Communications Team Meeting: Eli, Joe, and Josh to meet on August 14th @ 3:30 at White Dove.
    • Team Captain – As of Friday, August 9th, Joe officially resigns as Team Captain of the Communications team.  Joe has expressed that he may stay on the Communications Team, but will no longer be the Captain. He will do the BBQ emailer this Thursday, and then the group needs to decide how future Communications will happen or not.
  • Beautification Team Report (Debbie Bodin)
    • Fall Beautification/Make a Difference Day: Set for Saturday, October 26th from 9AM-12PM
  • Events Team Report (Tim Mahannah)
    • Fall BBQ: Saturday, August 17th from 3 – 6PM.
    • Evite and SignUp already sent. Needs new parent information.
    • Grills have been secured; volunteer grillers also secured.
    • Terry from Flagstaff Music will provide music; waiting for Jazz band (Mr. Coleman).
    • SignUp and Evite will go into the Buzz this week.
    • Tim will post an article to the Website (and automatically then to Facebook)
    • Joe will hold off on emailer since we don’t have the current parent list.

Meeting ends at: 7:40 PM

*Next meeting will be: Tuesday, September 3rd @ 7PM







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