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2016-06-14 | Meeting Minutes

Fala Volunteer Corps Meeting

Date: June 14, 2016 6:30 p.m.

Location: Sherry Wood’s House (Silver Spruce Dr)

In attendance: Richard Ransom, Debbie Bodin, Joe Bodin, Rebecca Cauthen, Sanoma Boynton, Doreen Holtje, Scott Boynton, Sherry Wood (by phone), Deidre Crowley, Kara McAlister, and Leslie Baker.

Welcome By Joe Bodin

Energize the parents

Go through the goals, ideas we have so far, brainstorm where we want to take this and what the school needs.

Website – Thank s to Joe, everything and anything the group wants to do. One location for everything. Highlights for what the group is working on, Volunteer info (blog – jobs and things the Corp needs) , Latest News (from the school,) Volunteer News (for what the volunteer group needs,) Newsletter Signup, About Us (mission, etc.)

Advisory Council

(or whatever name we choose – FALA Volunteers, FVC) = organizational coordination people

President – Joe Bodin

President Elect – Open (will look to fill during the fall)

Vice President – Scott Boynton (the idea for future is for the past president to become vice president )

Treasurer – Debbie Bodin

Fundraising Coordinator – Sherry Wood

Secretary – Open (Rebecca Cauthen filling in for first meeting. Possible Laura from the FALA board.)

Class and Area Representatives (Go between for the grades, communication resource)

Seeking 10 representatives – one for each grade and one for each genre (Music, Dance, Theater, and Art)

10th Grade Representative filled – Alisa Ashley

Music Representative filled – Bonnie Dumdei and Terry Alan (From Flagstaff School of Music )

School Representatives (seeking 2 in each category)

Teacher – Sara Buss (looking for one other teacher)

Student – open (will talk with Student Council when school begins)

Admin/Staff – Deidre Crawley

Programs Section

Goals and Discussion

Self sustainable – that we can do all the time.

First set of projects – fill in some of the blanks that have occurred with staff turnover the past few years. Involve parents. Group should focus on 6-8 projects that can be divvied up.

Will have to prioritize and say no to BAPs, capital campaigns, etc. as the group gets developed.

Programs We Plan to Implement

Carpool Program – Already has a webpage developed. Create a network of people in different zones. Have a table at registration for sign up. Can be added to the existing list on the school website. Add a paragraph on carpool etiquette (on time and ready when the car arrives, ) Debbie Bodin will write the paragraph and will Chair this committee. Add a section to designate zero hour, what time does your student need to be there, leave, etc. Add a disclaimer for liability and non responsibility. Joe will handle the first “wave” for fall on the website (and then a committee may be formed thereafter).

In School Support – If a parent wants to be involved at school they have a means to get it to FALA admin. It’s a gathering resource of people who want to volunteer. The form is already on the website and information from it goes to Dean Diedre (who will organize the in-school volunteers as needed).

School Cleanup Days – Previously done as parent volunteers. Included building benches, planting plants, etc. Also had an advisory class rotation for students to do their part during their class time. An easy program to set up. Richard Ransom has agreed to be “Foreman” of the “Beautification Days” program. He actually did this years ago and helped design the layout of the trees on campus already.

Chaperone and Parent Driver – The goal is to get willing to be on a list specific for chaperone and drivers. We will get Driver form on the website. Committee to create and organize the list. Kara McAlister has volunteered to Chair this Committee.

Teacher and Staff (and Volunteers) Appreciation Lunches – Small committee to organize when we will have lunch brought in for the teachers. This program will be implemented a few months into school. We will need to form a committee and look for a “Chairperson”.

Events and Activities – Things we can do and be a part of. Perhaps a couple in the next year as we get established. Spring event – Murder Mystery party. Committee headed by Scott Boynton to put on a mystery party.

School Registration Days

Dates: August 2,3, and 4


August 2nd 9:30-11:30 Seniors / 12:30-2:30 Juniors
August 3rd 9:30-11:30 Sophomore / 12:30-2:30 Freshman
August 4th 9:30-11:30 7th Grade / 12:30- 2:30 8th grade.

Needs a volunteer to take appointments for counselor.

Student Volunteers as ambassadors ( show around campus, etc.)

Sherry Wood will be the committee chair. She, Joe and Deidre will communicate and determine jobs needed.

Scott will help Deidre get her student lists in order.

Sherry will help Deidre with the pre needs.

Sanoma will be a volunteer all 3 days.

Will most likely need 3-4 people a day. This will begin the week of June 22. A table for the volunteer corp, with car pool info, group info, sign up on the spot, etc.

Other – Develop special needs – Pippin, Canyon Dance Company, Theatrikos, etc. message board, school classifieds.

Random Musings

Meetings once a month, in person, google hangouts, etc. not to be a burden. Tuesday at 6:30 seems to be a good meeting time. Google Hang out in 2 weeks, and in person once a month (alternate as we get established and need to meet frequently.)

Each committee head give a report (do a written update on the website.)

Work to get Alumni involved.

At every event have a sign up for the newsletter and corp sign up.

Service hour forms – should be on FALA’s website and more accessible.

Student and teacher needs should be gathered, noted, communicated, and addressed.

Ice cream social on the first day of school (was part of NHS, but was a funding issue.) Other things could be an option. A red carpet event. Being greeted the first day of school. Chalk on the sidewalk. A festive welcoming feeling. Put on the website – Someone to take on First day of school event.

Welcoming to 7th grade families.

Use survey monkey as a possibility.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Coordination, Communication, Doing

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