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2016-07-12 | Meeting Minutes


Date: July 12, 2016 starting at 6:35 p.m.

Location: FALA Campus (Room 10)

In Attendance: Joe Bodin, Debbie Bodin, Cassandra Bodin, Sherry Wood, Deidre Crawley, Gessica Neilson, Julie Silverman, Cori Morse, Alisa Ashley, Tom Olson, Bonnie Dumdei, Missy Crawley, Kara McAlister, Richard Ransom

Welcome from Joe Bodin, President

Discussion of the Goals of the Group.

Overview about how all of our projects, minutes, … are posted on the website.

Advisory Counsel Announcements

2 Advisory Counsel positions are currently open:

President Elect: This job is for a person who wants to be President in the following year.  The idea is that they will follow the President and find out what the job entails over the course of the year.  They will learn how to do the things that the President does. Then, next year, they would become President and the current President would step down to Vice President.  We hope this job to be filled over the course of the next 3 to 4 months as we stabilize the organization.

Secretary: This job is essentially taking notes on meetings and tracking what we are doing.  They will also most likely be helping keep information up to date on the website.  We need this position filled NOW so that our minutes are consistent.

Representative Committee Chairs needed:

The concept is to find people to be representatives of a class or genre (Art, Theater, Music, and Dance).  This way, Teachers and Students will have a person to talk to for any questions about something happening in their area.

By Grade (7th-12th):  Currently have only filled the 10th Rep who will be Alisa Ashley

By Genre (Art, Dance, Music, Theater): Currently have filled the Dance Rep who will be Gessica Neilson and the Music Rep who will be Bonnie Dumdei. We still need to find someone to do the Art Rep and Theater Rep positions.

School Representatives:

Teacher: Sarah Buss.  (We hope to get one more teacher involved.)
Student: Open. (We hope to talk with the Student Counsel once school starts.)
Admin: Deidre Crawley (Dean)

Program Review

Our goals are to work on specific programs and build on them. During the 1st Semester we hope to get small programs started and stable that will provide base services to the school. Once everything is stable, we can expand them and get other programs started.  It is important to make sure the programs we start are sustainable and will be able to last forever.

Volunteering Goals:

One of the things we are trying to do is make sure that there are no long term commitments to any of the volunteer jobs we put together.  We want everyone to volunteer to do the little jobs they want to do like Chaperoning periodically, helping at an Event, etc…  We feel that if we give everyone small and defined jobs that they will have fun with it and then the volunteer corps will continue to grow and expand.

Currently on FALA Website:

Active Programs: Programs that are happening now are each getting their own section on the website.

Future Programs: These are listed on the “programs” page of the site, but only have a short description.  Once we begin activating a program, it will then expand on the site.  We plan to list all of the ideas on the site as they come up so that we don’t forget them (even if they won’t actually be worked on for years).

Volunteer News: This can be found in Volunteer News section of the site and shows only the things the Volunteer Corps is working on including “Volunteer Opportunities” and a “Volunteer Sign-up Form” to get parents active with our new organization.

Registration Days: 

Report from Sherry Wood (Committee Chair)

The event will be held on August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from 9:30-11:30 and 12:30-2:30 each day.

Click here for more Registration Days information.

SignupVOLUNTEER NEEDS:  In an ideal world, the registration day needs need 46 people to help.  But, we have broken it down to essential volunteer needs which means we want to have 4 to 6 volunteers for the event each day. Committee chairs and Administration are the “event hosts” that floats around and help whereever they are needed. Thus, Sherry and Deidre are NOT considered part of the base volunteers for the event

Registration:  This will be done in 3 Steps.

Step 1: Greeter(s) will lead people to the Volunteer table to sign up for events and volunteer opportunities. We will have a sign-up chart with the students, parents, emails, and phone number.  The Volunteer table will also have flyers on our group, a flyer with IT/Communication resources (like the website addresses, Facebook pages, Parent Link information…), and we hope to also have a 20th Anniversary for 20 donation option ($20 donation).

Step 2: Parents and students will then be directed to go pick up their Class Schedules in Room 10. We hope to have 1 to 2 volunteers helping getting people their schedules and then directing them to the School Counselors who will be available to make changes when necessary. If too big of a line is forming they will be given an appointment so that they may come back for it.

Step 3: Parents and Students will then be directed to go to Room 9 (the door in the classroom) to pay their Student Fees. We hope to make it hard for people to leave until they pay the fees and/or make arrangements otherwise.  Our volunteers will help funnel everyone through the door between rooms 10 and 9.

This will be a 3 day event and we need Volunteers for each of those days.  This will include helping with everything above and also doing Set-up and Take-down of the event. Volunteers would be asked to arrive at 8:30 for setup and then leave at 3 after take down.  If we get extra volunteers, we may begin adding school tours and other expanded options to the event.

Prior to Registration Days: We also need help before the event.

Sherry asked:  Can anyone make “Ask Me” buttons or name tags For volunteers to wear?

We need help making some flyers and getting the organizational setup done (like arranging all of the Class Schedules) so they are easy to pickup by Students/Parents.Signup

If you are interested in Volunteering, you can also fill out form online if you would like to do sign up later and you will be put on the list.

Carpool Program:

Report from Debbie Bodin (Committee Chair)

Registration Days Preparation:  Debbie will be making a map of town, divided by area. Each area has a number or color that corresponds to a clip board that you can sign up for an area.  It will be divided into: Area, Name, Phone, Email, and Comments/Carpool Needs.  These will be provided to the Registration Days committee to put on the Volunteer Table.

Online Sign-up:  There is already a section on the website for the Carpool Program.  It has all of the general information and an online form that allows someone to submit their needs/requests.  Then, there is a link to Google Chart that shows who are in each place.  People can then use this chart to call other people in their area.  Click here for Carpool information.

Online Content:  We also have put up a Carpool Etiquette section and the Mountain Line information for city buses in this section.

Chaperone/Drivers Program:

Report from Joe Bodin.

Kara McAlister has agreed to be Committee Chair.

General Discussion: Almost all events need chaperones or drivers to help.  This is one of the main ways that parents can get involved at school and be a part of their kids lives.  Being a chaperone is a lot of fun and will help you meet all of the students, teachers, and also other parents.  This is one of the primary goals of our Volunteer Corps.

The process will be trying to get all of the early schedule events filled with Volunteers as soon as we can.  The idea is to try to get ahead of the game and get people to sign up way before and not have last minute stress.  If we don’t get enough people automatically signing up then the Chaperone list will be called or emailed, and the need will be marketed.  We will need additional Volunteers to help call when we need more volunteers.  So, if you wish to Volunteer to be on this committee, please click here.

The Program will be in 2 Sections:

Chaperone/Drivers List:  A list will be created simply to gather everyone’s: Name, Address, Phone #, and a checkbox as to whether they want to be a Chaperone and/or Driver.  People on the list will be called when an event needs volunteers. They don’t have to say yes, but they will be asked.  This is not an obligation to Chaperone every event and activity.  People can commit to any amount of it as they wish and have time for in their schedules.  We hope to get wayyyy ahead of this to make it easy to fill the school needs.

School Calendar: Once the Administration finishes the general School Calendar (which is almost complete), this committee will take those dates and begin working on …  How many Volunteers do we need? How many Volunteers do we want?  We realize that the general schedule is only being set now, and that all performances and events may or may not be on it. For Example, dances will not be complete because that is student councils area.  Over time, if we get the above list clean, then as last minute events come in, we should be able to fill them quickly.  In the meantime, we hope to cover all of the events that are pre-scheduled wayyyy ahead of time.

Note:  The school is moving events in a Google Calendar which should make it a lot easier to embed in all websites and also “share” with anyone who uses this software for their own personal calendars.  We are moving towards a Google School format.

Driver’s Program:  This is a sub-set of the Chaperone Program.  The goal is to get people to fill out the paperwork beforehand including providing their drivers license, insurance card, and a signed form.  We will be providing this form online soon.

Parent Required Volunteer Time?

A policy that may be enacted soon at the school is that every family may be required to donate 10 hrs a year volunteering at the school.  This would be tracked like you track student hours (discussion about finding the student tracking form).  Joe Bodin mentioned that we are not ready to do this as a Volunteer Corp mainly because we’d have to provide jobs for 300 parents.  This is something to work towards…

It was suggested to start with 7th grade parents.  Require the incoming class to do this each year so that it progressively becomes the norm at the school, not all at once.  The rest would be strongly encouraged to help as well to build a school volunteering spirit base.

Dean Crawley will decide how this will work and the Volunteer Corps will work with her to enact whatever she decides.

Back to Programs…

School Beautification Days

Richard Ransom has agreed to be the “Foreman” for these events

The initial goals are to: weed, clean, fix, paint, make benches, plant trees, make the campus look good. And, foster School Pride.

1st one: July 26, 27,28 are the proposed dates.

Program Educational Focus: Instead of simply coming down and cleaning up campus, Deidre has been talking with Vrendi Will (school Horticulture Teacher) and John Taylor (a community environmental instructor) to make the events more EDUCATIONAL in focus.  The idea is to have mini-classes at the beginning showing things like what the difference between an “Invasive Species of Weed” is compared to “Native Plants”.  This way, the school will also teach people skills while also cleaning up campus.  It will endeavor to have scientists tell the why of beautification in half hour-hour training sessions beforehand.

Press/Marketing: It was suggested to put this out there to the local papers to get an article written about the project.  Maybe contact Jake Bacon for photographs.

Possible Event Title: Invasive Weed Pull

Other Projects Wanted: Sanding and painting of benches, seal railings around school…

Service Hours: Students can get service hours for working at these events.

Time/Day Discussion: There are 2 days possible during the last week in July.  One thought it to do one mid-week, while other parents stressed it would be better to have them on the 30th which is a Saturday.  Deidre will decide if we want to do one or the other, or both.  It was also discussed whether these should occur once a month and that they should regularly be on weekends.

In School Support

Overview: If you want to come in and do something in the school during the school day. These volunteers would deal directly with Deidre and can come and do things on campus, with the students, with the teachers.  This program is already available on the website.

Click here for more information about In School Support.

IT and Computers Committee

Overview: Working on internet problems. We may have wiring issues that lead to a degradation of the Internet signal.

Committee meeting: Friday, July 15th at 2 p.m.

The Think Tank

Report from Joe Bodin (Committee Chair)

Program Description:  This would be a way for Parents and Teachers to communicate.  It would meet once or twice a month after school.  The idea is that everyone would write a problem, issue, idea, … on a sheet of paper.  Tom Olson suggested that they also write any attempted solutions and history of what they’ve tried already.  This paper would be put it in a hat or jar.  Then, we would choose two items to be discussed per session, each 30 min.  The idea is to brainstorm and think through problems, trying to find positive solutions and make the school a little better for everyone.

New Business Discussion

Email for Janeece Henes:

FALA Advisory Program Expansion: (45 min class)

The idea is to kick the Advisory classes to the next level.  They meet every Friday at the school.  Each class has a teacher with about a dozen students. It is a place to meet and problem solve, to do college prep, a place to talk, a place to touch base… a place for snack parties (which happened a lot this year), etc… This connects the students with a teacher that doesn’t involve grades.

She would like to expand this program to include Parent Instructors who have something to teach the kids.  She wants people to come down and teach specific life skills (patching clothes, changing a tire, jumping starting a car, etc).  These would be directed to expand the students general knowledge of life.  It would be based on grade level.  And, could lead to community projects as well.  Flyers were handed out that Janeece emailed in.

Click here to Download the Advisory Information/Instruction Sign-up Form.

FALA’s 20th Anniversary:

20 for 20: She wants to try and get parents, students, teachers to donate $20 to the school in celebration of our Anniversary.  Joe Bodin discussed that the Volunteer core will not spearhead this but may help with anything that is asked if possible. We can help market, help volunteer, etc…  Take steps slowly on new programs.

Bring Back FALA Gala:

This event happened for many years at the end of April or early May.  It had a silent auction, performances, and food. In the past, it raised a lot of money for extracurricular programs at school.  Joe mentioned that Kim Yuhl had previously headed the event and we should ask her about what she has done.  It was discussed again that the Volunteer Corps may not be ready to actually run this event due to organizing core programs.  But, we can help build it, provide volunteers, market it, …  If it is planned far enough in advance, then we may be able to provide support.

Overview Goals Discussed:

The Volunteer Corps will start doing the little pieces we have decided upon and build the group until we can begin to do bigger events. We want to brainstorm with people who ask for help, and then provide basic support even if we can’t run or develop it.  We hope to foster communication and bring groups together to talk about what is needed.  We want to build links in the communities. Make FALA bigger and better. If we can be here working hard and be positive, then all our lives will begin to look better. Support the teachers, the student, the parents.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Days:

Alisa Ashley volunteered to be the Committee Chair

Program Overview:  We hope to build support for the teachers and let them know that they are appreciated.  It can start with teacher/staff appreciation lunches, and build from there.  This program won’t begin right away, but sometime in September Joe Bodin and Alisa Ashley will meet to begin organizing this committee.

Health Initiative:

Program Overview:  This program will be designed to support counselors and special education.  It will be about teaching healthy choices to our students.  We discussed working on their Lunch Choices which currently haven’t been the best.  It will revolve around health and wellness, making better life choices for our kids.  This program will be started in the future after other programs are fully activated.

Band Booster and Music Donations:

Program Overview:  The music department is in need of more instruments and to have existing ones fixed.  Alisa Ashley brought up the idea that we should have people go out and ask for things over the internet on places like Facebook to see if they have any instruments they aren’t using and then donate them.  Joe Bodin mentioned that he met with Betsy Hamill and Rebecca Cauthen about this need.  They discussed having the Volunteer Corps help Betsy run her own Booster or Committee, but that we aren’t ready to do this for her yet.  This may entail helping write grants, asking Bookmans for store credit to buy instruments, and asking the public for instrument donations via our marketing venues.

Adjourned: 8:05 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 9th at 6:30 p.m.

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