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FALA Volunteer Corp Meeting –  Rm 9 FALA

Joe Bodin, President opened meeting at 6:35 pm. 13 people were present. Joe gave an over view of Council and website. Reviewed minutes from last meeting. Joe discussed open positions on Council. Mostly need grade level representatives.

Committees – All have chairs at this time. Now looking for members to fill out each committee. Fill out form or call chair to volunteer. Find on website.

Program Review –

Events & Activities Sherry Wood, Chair Next event will be Open House on 8/17/16 5:30 – 7:30. Will have a table at front of school to greet people and direct. Cassie Bodin and Laura Hagen will man table.

Registration Days – had several people and alumni working to direct flow, hand out schedules, etc. Had about 200 names on volunteer sign up.

Chaperones/Drivers – Kara McAlister, Chair Will be making a master list of volunteers to drive or chaperone. Then paperwork will be completed before event. Next step is determine what events need chaperones or drivers, set up a calendar and can plan for the appropriate number of volunteers.

School Beautification – Richard Ransom, Foreman Have had one event to clean up the front of the school and improve health of the trees. Will be planning some upcoming work days to get the rest of the campus in shape. Talked about having a way that students can get extra service hours for bringing parents or friends.

Carpool – Debbie Bodin, Chair Carpool list is up and loaded on website. Will have another sign-up sheet at open house if any one missed it at registration. No extra help needed.

In School Support – Deidre Crawley, Dean Need a Volunteer from 9:45 – 11:00 on Friday mornings to cover front desk for admin meeting. Alisa Ashley, Julie Silverman and Bonnie Dumdei will take turns covering this. Some other tasks would be to assist teachers with special projects, filing, making copies. Opportunities to assist welcoming kids on the first day of school, directing new students to classes, etc.

Communications – Committee Chair open New Committee to assist Joe in getting info out to the members, putting content on the website, composing and sending emails. Need 4 – 5 members needed.

Tech & ITScott Boynton, Chair Working to upgrade internet, network and speed for the school, organization of cables, wires, resetting passwords.

Teacher/Staff AppreciationAlisa Ashley, Chair Would like to don something monthly for teachers, such as candy bar with a thank you note, occasional luncheons. Emphasis is to recognize every one at some point.

Will develop a chart to track volunteer hours.

New Business

Reimbursement – If you spend money for the Volunteer Corp. Eventually should be able to reimburse. At this point save receipts, may be able to get tax credit through the school.

Corporate Sponsors – Looking into developing a package for businesses to provide sponsorships of the Volunteer Corp to provide funds for school needs like money for fliers, band instruments, etc.

FALA Board Meeting – Probably August 18, will confirm soon.

Request to introduce selves at start of meeting.

Need better system to get info out about what is coming up such as performances, further in advance for more volunteers and planning. This will probably come under the Chaperone/Driver program and the Communication Committee will share.

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday, September 13th @ 6:30.

Adjourned at 8:10 pm.

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Joselyn Fenley

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