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Meeting opened at 6:36 by Joe Bodin with 17 people present.

Next meeting will be October 11th, 6:30 pm: place to be determined

A group of 5 met on Saturday Sept. 10th. The group started calling the people who signed up to Volunteer at registration. Contacted approximately 100 people to confirm email addresses and nail down what areas people are interested in helping in order to fill all of the committees.

The Business Team – Advisory Council

President – Joe Bodin

Vice President – Scott Boynton

Treasurer – Debbie Bodin

Secretary – Joselyn Fenley

Volunteer Coordinator (NEW POSITION) – Sherry Wood

The Meeting Presentation


Events/Fundraising CommitteesSherry Wood Interim Chair

Currently have 3 members with room for 2-3 more.

2 main fundraising areas:

a) Develop Corporate Sponsorships – Theses are $200 donations from a corporation. The company will get a posting on the Volunteer website.

b) Sell items at performances ie flowers, snacks, water. Funds raised from these sales will benefit the group performing (theater, music, dance, etc.)

Janeece Henes –  Reported to the Volunteer Corp on several of her projects.

a) Community Yard sale at the school on Saturday September 24th. This is a fund raising for experiential fieldtrips.

b) $20 for 20 at Fala. This is FALA’s 20th year, asking for $20 donations to make a great Gala. Hoping to get FALA alumni to donate. Goal is $20,000.

c) FALA GALA set for April 15th at Coconino Center for the Arts. Focus is to make a FALA 20th birthday. Hoping to have Dr Butterfield, founder of FALA, to participate.

Forming an Event Calender that will have all of the planned events on it in one central place. It will also have volunteer needs, etc linked for the needs of each event.

NEW EVENT – FALA Luau – September 30th, 6:30 – 9 at the school.

Still need a Chair for this committee as Sherry is now the Volunteer Coordinator. Talk to Sherry or Joe of interested.

Chaperone Committee Elizabeth Driebe, Committee Chair

Currently have 4 members, need a total of 10.

This committee has 2 roles: a) organizing items/events that need drivers/chaperones b) calling parents to fill needs of each item/event.

There are 2 upcoming events that are planned at this time. They are:

Elden Pueblo Trip foir the entire 8th grade on October 13th.

FALA Luau on September 30th 6:30 – 9. Need Chaperones for dance and to help with clean up afterward.

School & Area RepresentativesJoe Bodin, Interim Chair

This team represent each area of the school that could possibly need help and support. There will be middle school, high school, dance, music, art and theater.

Each volunteer representative will be the contact for their area to help teachers with any needs they have such as extra in class assist, supplies, etc.

Need representatives for High School and Art.

School Beautification Committee Richard Ransom, Foreman

Currently has 1 member, need 5.

Their most recent project was painting benches around campus. They are currently working on a task in one of the classrooms.

October 22nd, Saturday is next day scheduled, 9 am to 12 noon.

Appreciation Committee Alisa Ashley, Chair

Committee is full, but there is always room for more.

They have a budget of $50 per month to spend on appreciation. The first official task was providing coffee, tea, treats and flowers for teachers on Google training day.

IT & Computer CommitteeScott Boynton, Chair

Currently have 2 members with a need of 5-7.

The main role is advisory for the school to solve technology problems.

They have already worked to upgrade the school network to 1GB data. The school is working towards becoming a Google School.

The next major step setting up a program to get each student a Chromebook, starting with a grant.

Communications & Public Relations CommitteeJoe Bodin, Chair

Currently have 4 members, need 6.

They are looking for someone with graphic design capabilities to develop flyers and handouts for tables at events.

Social Media help is needed to get the word out about everything and anything that is going on at the school.

Carpool CommitteeDebbie Bodin, Chair

All carpools are set for now. See Debbie for problems, issues.

General Announcements –

Support The Lama Show. This is a webcast done by 2 students at FALA. This show can be found on a link in the site.

There is a special Board Meeting September 14th @4pm at the school to resolve some new issues. 

The regular Board of Directors meeting will  be Wednesday September 21st @ 4pm at the school

FALA Council meeting – This is a meeting for students, staff, teachers and parents to brainstorm and problem solve issues at the school. Diedre Crawley is leading this meeting monthly. The next meeting is September 26th at 3:30.

Future Meeting Times

Advisory Council meeting – Tuesday October 4th @ 6:30

Volunteer Corp Meeting – Tuesday October 11th @ 6:30

Meeting Adjourned at 8:24 pm.

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