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4/09/19 Volunteer Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Volunteer Planning Committee Agenda

Date/Time: Tuesday April 9th 2019 @ 6PM

Location: The comfort of your own home or office via Google Hangouts

Attendees: Eli Cohen, Joe Bodin, Tim Mahannah, Elena Russell, Debbie Bodin

Agenda Items:

Business Agenda

  • Treasurer Report (Stasia Begley)
    • Currently have
  • Executive Director Report (Eli Cohen)
    • Early release/teacher PD this Friday, the 12th. Dismissal at 2:40.
  • Upcoming Activities:
    • Spring Round Table Event (this Thursday)
      • Eli to send out a reminder tonight and Joe to send out another reminder on Thursday AM. Will add the Sign Up Genius link for volunteers for food & drinks.
      • Confirmed guest speakers: Eli Cohen, Deidre Crawley, 2 Board Members, Heather from Marketing, someone from Counseling/Mental Health.
      • Volunteer Corps will attend as a group and will talk about volunteer needs: Beautification/Chili Cook-Off, Spring Shows.
    • Earth Day Campus Beautification and Chili Cook-Off Event
      • Will send out Sign Up this week.
      • Flyers will also be distributed at the Round Table event.
      • Working on Budget and on getting rock and plants for in the FALA central wash. Planning on doing a lot of pruning.
      • Debbie to touch base with Stasia about wrapping up the Sign Up Genius so it can go out.
    • Early Release – Appreciation Event
      • Check with Shauntel about what’s happening and discuss future Appreciations to involve more volunteers.
    • Spring Dance Performance
      • Tim will be heading the evenings. Debbie will help Tim so that he has everything he needs.  Eli has already gotten Tim into Signup Genius.
      • Do we need to add a volunteer slot on the Google Form? This way we will know if teachers/producers need help from volunteers.
      • Corbin/Joe have been discussing “food” or “snacks” for the kids so that they eat better during performance week.  He has asked if we’d be willing to coordinate this…? Tim will work on this for the upcoming Dance Concert and Dress Rehearsal.
  • Team Reports
    • Appreciation Team Report (Shauntel Fitch)
      • Teachers and staff will have food brought to them on Friday during professional development time.
      • Does Shauntel need a Sign Up Genius set up for any of these events? Would still like community involvement for Appreciation events…
  • Communications Team (Joe Bodin)
    • Posted Rehearsal Scheduling & Communication- Teachers should communicate rehearsal & performance schedules with Eli. Once confirmed, families can access this info on the master calendar.
    • Text Service? Eli will consider looking in to the cost of this type of service (or another communication service) for next year.
  • Beautification Team Report (Debbie Bodin)
    • Working on April 27th event. See above
  • Events Team Report
  • Fundraising Team Report


  • Tax credit campaign: revisit over the summer
  • Fall BBQ: start organizing over the summer

Meeting ends at: 7:30

*Next meeting will be: 4/23 @ 6PM on Google Hangouts

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