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6/11/19 Volunteer Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Happy Summer!! FALA Friends!

The FALA Volunteer Planning Committee needs YOUR help!! Please reach out to us if you are interested in heading up or helping out with any of our Teams. We have a lot of great events that we’re planning to make next year a great one! FALA LOVE!!


FALA Volunteer Corps: Help the School, Create a Fun Community, and Be Involved With Our Kids!

Volunteer Planning Committee Agenda

Date/Time: Tuesday June 11th @ 6:15PM
Location: The comfort of your own home or office via Google Hangouts (https://meet.google.com/vru-vrho-vpp)
Attendees: Eli Cohen, Joe Bodin, Tim Mahannah, Elena Russell, Debbie Bodin

Agenda Items:


Business Agenda

  • Treasurer Report (Stasia Floley)
    • Currently have: $968.34
    • Elena and Shauntel have receipts for flowers presented to Dean Crawley. Needs reimbursement.
    • Elena sent an email to Stasia; waiting for a response.
    • Shauntel’s email is casafitch@gmail.com to get in touch.


  • Executive Director Report (Eli Cohen)
    • Planning for next year
    • Items for summer agenda include: Schedule pick-up days, Fall BBQ, Fall Roundtable, tax credit campaign
    • Hiring new staff at FALA: Business Manager has been hired, SPED teachers are being interviewed, candidates for Dean have been narrowed down.
      • Selection committee has been made and interviews will begin next week.
      • A donation was made to FALA to hire a fundraising team to help organize fundraisers for the school. More information will be updated as things unfold.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Summer movie nights – Cancelled
  • Summer Campus Beautification Event June 18-19
  • Schedule pick-up days: July 30th & 31st
    • New Family Orientation
    • Volunteers needed: SignUp Genius to go out on July 16th- Deb will do
    • Create flyers for upcoming events to hand out to families (BBQ, Roundtable, Make a Difference Day, Tax Credit info)
  • Fall BBQ: Saturday, August 17th from 2-4PM
    • Tim to head up event
  • Fall Roundtable: Set for September 19th @ 6:30PM
  • Make a Difference Beautification Day: Saturday, October 26 9 am to Noon
  • Tax credit campaign: set goals for visual data
  • Create SignUp Genius with Volunteer Corp needs. Create a second flyer for Schedule Pick-Up days. Debbie will take care of this.
    • Appreciation Team – 2 to 3 co-Captains
    • Communications Team – New Captain & 2-3 co-Captains
    • Treasurer? Ask Stasia
    • Fundraising Team for the Volunteer Corps

Team Reports

  • Appreciation Team Report (Shauntel Fitch)
    • Shauntel and Eli to take a look at the calendar for next year to plan out Teacher Appreciation days.
    • Shauntel is looking for assistance to help plan the year of Teacher Appreciation events; two potential people are not interested, a third has been asked.
    • Elena can help with this.
    • Shauntel has a friend who will help with planning; we will meet in July to form a list of possible events/ideas for next school year.
    • When will the school calendar be available to know the dates of the teacher planning days?
      • Academic calendar is posted here.
    • Plan year-end gifts for teachers: Update
      • Beth and Shauntel celebrated a full week of Teacher Appreciation Day with a different treat each day delivered to the office.
  • Communications Team (Joe Bodin)
    • Year in Review – Discussion about putting together a “year in review” emailer and web posting to show everyone what we did.  All “Team Captains” would need to either provide a paragraph or bullet points about their area to accomplish this.
    • Give paragraph to Joe by Wednesday, June 26th
    • New Communications Team Captain(s) needed – Joe is officially resigning as Communications Team Captain, after three years of doing it, to explore other projects.
      • Weekly MailChimp Emailers – Stop doing them and put into Buzz instead?
      • Facebook Page Admin
      • Google Drive Folders
      • Sign up Genius Management
      • Website Content Updates
      • Web Tech Support – Joe will continue to provide basic Tech Support help to the Volunteers, and will continue to maintain the Technical end of the website (Software updates, Backups, Security, and Support).
  • Beautification Team Report (Debbie Bodin)
    • Master Gardener Grant- need to send in receipts
    • Summer Campus Beautification Event June 18-19
    • Christi and Phil will organize with Jason’s help
      • SignUp Genius sent out
    • Fall Beautification/Make a Difference Day: set for Saturday, October 26th from 9AM-12PM
  • Events Team Report (Tim Mahannah)
    • Tim has volunteered to take over as Events Team Captain
    • Fall BBQ: Saturday, August 17th from 2-4PM
  • Fundraising Team Report




  • Microwave Station (Joe): Joe has touched base with people at NAU about securing free a microwave to place on campus. He has forwarded the email correspondence to members of the Volunteer Planning Committee for feedback.

Meeting ends at: 7:30PM


*Next meeting will be: Tuesday, July 9th @ 6:15 PM on Google Hangouts

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