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Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 3/7/17

Meeting opened at 6:32

Members present Joe Bodin, Debbie Bodin, Joselyn Fenley, Bonnie Dumdie, Abigail Gripman


  1. April Elections –  
    1. Job descriptions have been added to Google Drive for members to review
    2. Joe will post to the Volunteer website for review for anyone interested
    3. Discussion held regarding the election process. 
      1. An email survey will be sent out as an initial request for nominations on 3/31/17
      2. A second email will go out for voting on nominations for the April 12th Open House
      3. If no response council will regroup in May 
  2. Board of Directors
    1. They are nor interested in starting “Required Parent Volunteer Hours” for incoming 7th grade students
    2. They are willing to reconsider at a later date 
    3. Joe will attend the April 19th meeting for further discussion
  3. Google Docs
    1. General Volunteer’s will have read only access
    2. Advisory Council will be able to edit


No Changes to finances:

Donations/Sponsorships: $700
Spent: $221.65
Earned: $480.10
Transaction Fees: $2.58
TOTAL: $955.87

Debbie did advise that the Appreciation Team has requested $30 for coffee for the teachers. 


  1. Alumni – Laurah Hagan has posted all past FALA performances to YouTube. She is working on Alumni Bios now
  2. Appreciation – On 2/24/17 the team provided coffee and tea for the teachers at a cost of $30
  3. Communications – There are 3 new members of the team who will be writing for the website. 
    1. Karli Haviland will be posting about Alumni and Tax Credits
    2. Lisa M will be posting about Beautification and Appreciation
    3. Abigail Gripman will assist and post as needed
  4. Beautification –
    1. Their next event will be Earth Day 4/22 where they will be working on a pathway from the Bus Stop to the Ampitheater
    2. The grant writing for the Flagstaff Neighborhood Sustainability program will be completed by the end of March. The grant is to obtain garbage and recycle bins for the school.
  5. Tech/IT – No report
  6. Area Reps – 
    1. Music Reps are planning Music @ Lunch – several local musicians have expressed interest
    2. Middle School Theater teacher made replied and will touch base regarding future productions for items such as costumes
  7. Event –
    1. There will be no event in March
    2. There will be a RELAX event on 5/7 from 2 – 4 pm at The Flagstaff School of Music and White Dove Coffee Shop.   There will be massage therapists offering 15 minute massages. Attendees will receive 3 tickets for massages and will beable to purchase more if desired. There will be a gift basket raffle. All funds raised will go to Music Dept for instruments (possibly a tuba).


Big emphasis on Tax Credits

FALA Birthday party will be April 15th and they have requested help. 12 volunteers assisted with the Telethon for donations. 

Spring Showcase – Will be held 5/20. Need to start getting volunteers for donations, flowers, refreshments. Bonnie will get donations, items for the refreshment table. Joselyn will man the refreshment table. 

Also need to get volunteers for Graduation.

Adjourned at 7:48






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