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Advisory Counsel Meeting Minutes 4/4/2017

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Location: Flagstaff School of Music 2213 E. 7th Ave. Flagstaff, Az. 86004

In Attendance: Joe Bodin, Debbie Bodin, Bonnie Dumdei, Joselyn Fenley, Abigail Gripman (Scott Boynton and Sherry Wood arrived late.)

Agenda Items:

Advisory Council Items / Business

  1. Approval of Advisory Council Minutes from March
    1. Minutes Policies and Procedures
      1. Using this Google Agenda as the Minutes platform
      2. Time frame to Posting to Website for public

  2. April Elections – Planning Discussion
    1. Job Descriptions – Have been posted to the website
    2. Election Survey has been posted on site, put on Facebook, emailed, and sent with the latest Progress reports by mail.
      1. Only Survey Response:  Nomination for Secretary (Lisa Coe – Incoming 7th grade student is Becca – Sara up front can give you contact info. She is very responsible and civic-minded.).
      2. Have someone call Lisa Coe. Abigail will contact Lisa to see of her interest
    3. Discussion about continued Election process – Several names were discussed to fill positions. Their interest will be explored.
    4. Making “Team Captains” into adhoc “Members” of the Advisory Counsel. Discussion determined to leave it as is.
    5. Open House – Possibly have a table to discuss our teams, and to see if we can get more interest.  Room 10 at
    6. Scott suggests that it is imperative to get a “paid” position that is part of the school.  A “Volunteer Coordinator” that runs all volunteerism at the school with the Volunteer Corps working with them.  Suggestion to talk with Deidre and Larry about this idea.

  3. Board of Directors Meeting –  “Volunteer Hours”
    1. Wednesday April 19th at 5 pm in Rm 4. Please attend to support issue.
    2. Remove the word “Required” and make it “Expected”?  The Board of Directors expressed that they cannot make any “requirements” and thus voted down the idea.  If we respond with an alternative to make it an “expectation” to change the FALA culture, they may approve it.
    3. Information from Abigail about Mtn School’s policies

Here’s what I found out from Renee at Mountain School. I think it would be useful to prepare a presentation for the board that includes their experiences along with our, slightly different, proposal.

Here is how parent volunteers work at Mountain School:

1) 50 hours per year per family

2) PAC keeps track of hours via a binder at the front desk that has the families in alphabetical order, where families can log their hours as they come in to volunteer. They also have a digital log on our website so that parents can keep track that way, too. A PAC (parent group) member collects the data and sends letters out to families letting them know how they stand midyear and then at the end of the year. Parents can also “buy out” their hours by contributing the full tax credit amount, which is then used to fill in the needs gap often filled by the volunteers.  This is a good option for two income families.

3)  Not much you can do if people won’t come in, but they do a hard sell before parents even enroll their kids so they know what they are getting into.

4)  In addition, they have begun doing social events, just for the parents (ice cream social) to create community.

Minor issues:  parents forgetting to log hours, parents too busy, launching the digital log book.

5)  Volunteer opportunities include: overseeing yearbook, snow removal, laundry, help in classrooms (same time, same day of week for an individual teacher), grounds work, playground supervision, lunch monitor,overseeing small fund-raisers, sewing, artwork,library work, etc.

Her takeaway: “Parent volunteer support seems to equal support in other areas, especially if a tough issue comes up. Parents feel connected to staff and school goals.”

Financial Report

  1. Treasurer Financial Report (Debbie)

Account balance: $1,155.87

$200 Corporate donation from Rainbow’s End!

A few $25-30 reimbursements expected to come in soon

Teams and Programs

  1. Alumni Team
    1. Laurah Hagan is moving at the end of the summer.  Need new Alumni Team Captain. Virgil and Melody were initially part of the team. Contact them to see if they are interested.  Keep Bonnie informed as she is still interested in this group.

  2. Appreciation Team
    1. Teacher Appreciation for April (from Miranda Sweet). Abigail will contact Miranda for details.

  3. Communications Team
    1. Abigail joined the Writing Team and wrote about the Feb Appreciation.
    2. Other:  Lisa Machina probably will not be contributing anymore. Karli Haviland, hopefully will get new article regarding tax credits.
    3. Abigail will write a Thank You for Rainbow’s End ( Miranda Sweet) for Corporate Sponsorship.

  4. School Beautification Team
    1. Report on Earth Day Event April 22. Team was supposed to collect rock, but was not able due to forest roads being closed so have not been able to get rock for pathway.
    2. Report on Flag Neighborhood Sustainability Grant. Has been submitted, asking for $2000 for trash and recycle bins for school.

  5. Tech/IT Team – There are about 60 in the school that students are using.

Network in the school is having problems. There are too many devices per student which is   causing problems.

  1. Area Representatives
    1. Music Team – Report on Lunch Music program (Bonnie)

  2. Event Team
    1. No March Event
    2. Report on May “Relax” Event Sunday May 7th
      1. Susan Fox and Victoria Walgren – working on Gift Raffle and Food. They should be trying to obtain donations for food items. Voted on giving $100 budget for food, all members voted in favor.
      2. Jeremy Morse – calling Massage Therapists
      3. Bonnie – location and partner with White Dove at a cost of $50 for space.  Music at event.
      4. Susan Fox and Gabby Neilson – working on flyers.  Some have already been put around the school.
      5. Joe – Team Captain and Marketing

School Involvement

  1. Tax Credit – Ways to market before April 15th. Abigail will write an article this week about the Robotics team and how tax credit can help. Next week Debbie will do an article about horticulture classes would benefit from the tax credits. Bonnie asked Karli if she is going to write more.

  2. FALA Birthday Party (Headed by Janeece Henes)
    1. Posted an article from Janeece about “Volunteers Needed”.
    2. Other ways to help get her Volunteers –  Sherri plans on calling individuals for help

  3. Spring Showcase (Both Dance and Music Events)
    1. Team Planning
      1. Sherry Wood – Team Captain – said she will be captain & use Joe’s massage event as a format
      2. Abigail (and husband/son) will volunteer at Event
      3. Joselyn will staff the Concessions Table
      4. Bonnie will get Concessions from Sherri & will be there with tax credit info
      5. Dance Table (ask Gessica to organize)
      6. $20 for 20 Table (discuss with Janeece)
      7. Flower Table (discuss with Deidre and Gabby/Student Council)

  4. Graduation Update (Headed by Deidre)

  5. Registration Days (Summer pre-planning – Deidre, Sherry and Bonnie)

New Business

  1. Grad Night Involvement – Request from Kara McAllister

Meeting Adjourned:  8:30 pm

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