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Advisory Counsel Meeting Minutes 5/2/2017

Advisory Council Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Location: Flagstaff School of Music 2213 E. 7th Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86004

In Attendance: Present at meeting:  Debbie Bodin, Joe Bodin, Susan Fox, Abigail Gripman, Bonnie Dumdei, Laurah Umphrey (Vice Pres of the School Board), Joselyn Fenley


Agenda Items:

Advisory Council Items / Business


  1. Board of Directors Meeting –  “Family Volunteer Hours”
    1. Introduction and Discussion on “Expected Volunteer Hours” with Laura Umphrey (Vice President of the Board of Directors of FALA) – Discussion not to exceed 15 minutes.  

Joe presented a summary of the history of the volunteer hours program.  We want to create a culture of volunteerism to promote our Volunteer Corps.  We also want to have this include it in the handbook.  Laurah’s advice is to write out our message out and she’ll help craft it together.  The philosophy needs to be agreed upon, not the logistics.  


    1. Next FALA Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, May 17th at 5 pm in Rm 4. Joe will go for now..
    2. Designate a point person for the Board of Directors to advocate for us.  Abigail would be the point person if we are later on the agenda.  Bonnie & Susan may be available for back – ups.
    3. Discussion on “Volunteer Coordinator” suggestion presented to Board at last meeting.


  1. Approval of Advisory Council Minutes from April 
  2. Elections and Board Positions
    1. Welcome to New Advisory Council Members
      1. Susan Fox – New Advisory Member
      2. Welcome to Lisa Coe who will be our new Secretary for next year! (Lisa is directing Pinkalicious and won’t be able to attend)
    2. Board functionality & activities during summer
    3. Schedule a Board Retreat in June – Topics
      1. What do I do now?  What do I want to do? – An Analysis of Jobs
      2. 2017-2018 School Year Planning
      3. Joe will send out an email to the new and old Corps members to select the best date.
      4. Need to add a Fundraising Team


  1. Orientation for New Students (May 1st)
    1. Joe and Debbie attended – Joe spoke about Volunteer Corps.  Debbie handed out flyer.
    2. Got a new list of emails and names of new students/families.
    3. Request for Volunteer to enter Names into our Master Contact List and MailChimp.  Susan volunteered to upload the data.


Financial Report


  1. Treasurer Financial Report (Debbie).

Account balance: $1165.87

Upcoming expenses for FALA Relax event.



Teams and Programs


    1. Event Team
      1. Planning Document – available in Google
      2. Need to have more Posters in bathrooms with all of the information,
      3. Status of Food (Susan and Bonnie) $50 gift card from Safeway.
      4. Abigail will write up a summary after the event for website.
      1. Report on May “Relax” Event Sunday May 7th


  • Need 2 or 3 more “helpers” at the event. Any volunteers…? Susan and Debbie will be at welcome table. Bonnie is handling music. Joe will manage the massage therapists.  


  1. Alumni Team
    1. Bonnie taking over Team in June.  Discussion on changeover. 
  2. Appreciation Team
    1. Teacher Appreciation for May.  Request to purchase gift cards for teachers.  
    2. Will need to vote on the amount they need. Will send out an email to vote on this when we have the information.
      1. Did an Article about the April Appreciation happen?  Abigail will do this. 
  3. Communications Team
    1. EZTexting.com (suggested by Susan Fox) Joe plans on starting this later.
    2. Thank you notes? Debbie can put up a blank letterhead on Google Docs to be used as needed.
    3. Joe will contact Flag Stamp and Engraving to get info about getting a stamp with our logo to reuse 
  4. School Beautification Team
    1. Report on Earth Day Event April 22. Had about 15 people there for the first hour.
    2. Report on Flag Neighborhood Sustainability Grant- recycle receptacles.
      1. Joe speaking to city on Thursday, May 4 at 4pm.  Anyone want to come for support?
      2. If approved, Debbie will order them over the summer and have in place before school starts in August.
  1.   Idea box – Have procured one. The maintenance man will set it up in front office.


  1. Tech/IT Team – No report 
  2. Area Representatives
    1. Music Team – Report on Lunch Music program, holding off until next year.




School Involvement


  1. Spring Showcase (Both Dance and Music Events)
    1. Team Planning – 
    2. Sherry Wood – Team Captain – said she will be captain & use Joe’s massage event as a format
      1. Approval to be involved from Ms Baker and Mr Corbin?
      2. Abigail (and husband/son) will volunteer at Event
      3. Joselyn will staff the Concessions Table
      4. Bonnie will get Concessions from Sherri & will be there with tax credit info
      5. Dance Table (ask Gessica to organize)
      6. $20 for 20 Table & Tax Credit Programs (discuss with Janeece) Bonnie is staffing & working on this with Janeece & Deidre
      7. Flower Table (discuss with Deidre and Gabby/Student Council) 
  2. Graduation Update (Headed by Deidre) – Bonnie is team leader (need ushers & greeters)
    1. Find or Choose a Volunteer Ambassador (Team Leader to work with Deidre)
      1. A contact/adult to work with Junior Class
      2. Help Deidre organize volunteers
    2. Team Needs
      1. Greeters & Ushers (help special need, hand out programs, …)
      2. Help Juniors  with Dessert Table (afterwards)
        1. Keep ice buckets filled (will have individual drinks in ice)
        2. Serve Cupcakes (probably just like at Extravaganza)
      3. Suggested to Deidre
        1. Graduation Art Signage from Janeece and Sarah
        2. Photographers – Rick Johnson AND a non-professional taking pics as people arrive (candid shots for our social media).
        3. Musicians (before/dessert/after) – suggested Terry Alan, Marley Wall, and to talk to the music teachers.
  3. Registration Days (Summer pre-planning – Deidre, Sherry and Bonnie)
  4. Bring back all-school activities -discussed activities from previous years



New Business


  1. Grad Night Involvement – Kara McAllister – Bonnie will send an email with the details



Meeting Adjourned:  8:05 pm


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