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Advisory Counsel Meeting Minutes 7/11/17

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Location: Flagstaff School of Music

In Attendance: Bonnie, Scott, Susan, Debbie, Joe, (and Cassie)

  1. Agenda Items:
    1. Icebreaker – Each person talked about themselves a little, activities they do or would like to do, and where they are at in their lives.
    2. Continue from retreat for those that were absent: “What Do I Do and What Do I Want to Do?”
      1. Scott
        1. Advisory Member – Will stay on the Advisory Board, but not as Vice President for this upcoming year. He will be happy to continue being a part of our Team and helping with select events and activities throughout the year.
        2. Event Help – He will work with Joe on the Murder Mystery Night.
        3. IT Team – Will talk with Larry Wallen about the IT Team and may continue helping with all of the computer and technology issues at the school. Discussion on Google Docs and becoming a Google school over time.
    3. Secretarial Position Vacancy – Lisa Coe got a full time position and has said that she cannot be our new Secretary. So, this position is open. Start advertising for this position at the beginning of school. Maybe during Registration Days…
    4. Vice President Vacancy – We will need a new VP.
  2. Treasurer Report
    1. Currently $1155.87 in Account
    2. Missing two transactions that Debbie will be reimbursing on some spending. Should be about $250 less once those transactions are in.
    3. Reimbursement time limit – Discussion of having a time limit so that there are no outstanding. Voted that we will now have a 30 day reimbursement limit from the date of event the expenditure was used towards.
  3. 2017-2018 School Year Planning
    1. Registration Days (rename to “Scheduling Days”) – August 1st and 2nd – Coordinator: Susan
      1. Welcome people and Give Directions – who?
      2. Tell about Volunteer Corps (have a flyer) – who? (Bonnie will do)
      3. Carpool table/info displayed and helped (Debbie will supply stuff)
      4. Table with all the Schedule Pickup (Cassie)
      5. Have a Laptop adding people’s contact information into our Chart – who?
      6. Ask People what they wish to do for volunteerism this year – who?
      7. Help students/parents work on schedule changes with staff/admin – who?
      8. Possible Volunteers: Bonnie, Cassie, Nadia, Sherry, Lorelei, Alex Perry,… (Alumni are helpful)
      9. Tax Credit Table (Bonnie) – Changing name to Fundraising. Making posters to display at the table by the first event with a team of helpers to staff the table. I want to have time at intermission to pass out fliers.
      10. Planning Meeting scheduled for July 13 @ 7pm. (Joe will send/sent emailer)
    2. Open House – Anyone know the dates? Susan will talk with Deidre and Larry about this date and options.
    3. Teacher Training Days – Find out from Larry when this occurs. See if we can go in and do a quick presentation about the Volunteer Corps. Answer for them – How do the teachers request things of the Volunteer Corps.
    4. Orientation Days – Anyone know the dates?
    5. Winter Dance (concessions table and support) – Team Captain?
    6. Winter Music Event (concessions table and support) – Team Captain?
    7. Theater Support? – Team Captain? Someone to work directly with Mike Levin.
    8. Gala Support (Spring)? – Team Captain?
    9. Spring Dance (concessions table and support) – Team Captain?
    10. Spring Music Event (concessions table and support) – Team Captain?
    11. How & Who will we find out all school events that we can support?
  4. Volunteer Corps Activities – Create our Schedule
    1. Marketing Options
      1. Flyers – Create a general flyer that looks nice that we can hand out at any event or meeting. $.11 per card (on card stock). So, 500 would be $55 (ordering online). (Susan and Bonnie). Include ideas of how families can fulfill the expected volunteer hours. Shipping will take approx one week.
      2. Name Tags – Do another order early in the school year.
      3. Return Address Labels
      4. Previous Schedule/Last Year – Every other month with a “Social Event” and a “Volunteer Business Meeting”. Continue in this way…
    2. Events
      1. Events Every other Month
        1. August –
          1. Beautification Day (August 5th, 9 to 11 am) – Trash Receptacle Installation. Joe will do some marketing.
          2. Volunteer Ice Cream Social/ Administration Town Hall. Susan will work on scheduling this with Deidre and Larry. Susan (default team captain). Need to start looking for Donations.
        2. September – Volunteer Meeting Night / Brainstorming Meeting.
        3. October –
          1. Game Night? Dance Night? Twister Night on the Dance Floor? (Joe)
          2. Make a Difference Day
        4. November (early) – Volunteer Meeting Night
        5. December – No Event
        6. January – Social Event like Ice Cream Social. Hot chocolate Night? Include a Town Hall format here too?
        7. February – Meeting
        8. March – Murder Mystery Night (in Spring) – (Joe and Scott) – This is a fundraiser for the Volunteer Corps.
        9. April –
          1. Massage Event (annually)
          2. Earth Day, April 22nd
        10. May – Meeting
      2. Beautification Days (Debbie)
        1. New recycle bin grant
          1. Placement and Campus Beautification Day (prior to start of school)
          2. Will need to coordinate with new middle and high school science teacher to fulfill educational component of grant
        2. Make a Difference – Sat Oct 28th – will gather suggestions for event activities
        3. Earth Day – Sunday April 22, 2018
      3. Alumni Team – (Bonnie, Team Captain)
        1. Reunion – Discussion…
          1. Spring Dance – pull them in to be involved in the Dance.
          2. Idea – Do a “Lunch” reunion before the Dance (same day).
        2. Dance Involvement
  5. Projects (Non-Event Related)
    1. Philosophical Discussion – Individual Volunteers vs Volunteer Corps
    2. Put up the IDEA Box in office (Debbie – Beautification Team) – Deidre is having the box setup by the maintenance guy.
    3. Install cubbies for sheet music (using the Chromebook boxes Larry has…?)
    4. School Directory – Create a Team
    5. Review IDEA Board (Joe – Do we want a single “Idea Board” or would it help everyone if I created individual ones for each team?) Susan asked everyone to look at it.
    6. Promote Larry’s visibility –
      1. Town Hall in August/January
      2. Classroom Connections Article (Joe)
    7. Design FALA Volunteer Corps Business Document Templates
      1. Thank you cards
      2. Donation Request Letters
      3. Donation Receipts
    8. Fundraising (Bonnie)
      1. Fundraising – Not a TAX TABLE. Help support…
      2. Build a Team – build a team in September and October
      3. Flyers – Combine Tax Credit brochure and FALA Brochure (Bonnie will follow up with Deidre)
      4. Escrip
      5. Boxtops – Robotics Team does it already on the front office.
      6. Other – Murder mystery
      7. Sponsor days with businesses
    9. Build relationships with teachers – Susan & Bonnie will meet with the Robotics instructor
  6. New Business / Not on Agenda
  7. Meeting ends at: 8:23 pm

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