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Advisory Counsel Meeting Minutes 8/8/17

Date/Time: Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Location: Flagstaff School of Music

In Attendance: Bonnie, Debbie, Joe, Susan

Agenda Items:

1. Debrief: Which of our methods or processes worked particularly well? Which of our methods or processes were difficult or frustrating to use? How would we do things differently next time to avoid this frustration? Anything else could we do better next time? What are some actionable items to adjust or repeat on a future project?

  1. Scheduling Days (aka “Registration Days”) held Aug 1 & 2
    1. Scheduling Table – Cassie Feedback (via Deb)
      1. Systems – It was good to have schedules at the back of the room and hit them first with Volunteer things.
      2. Backlog for Scheduling – Still a problem that the Admin weren’t on top of changing schedules.
      3. Fee Collection – People went in to pay fees and were told to pay online. This is important to have someone to take the money (has been an ongoing issue on not getting the fees). We need to communicate to the Administration that this is a big problem.
      4. Staffing – Would be helpful to have two people for scheduling during rushes.
      5. Timing – Tell everyone next year that they have between the time frames and not just at the time it starts.
    2. List of parent & students
      1. New Additions – Added about 85 new people into MailChimp.
      2. Future Lists – Separate first name and last name.
      3. Student Names
        1. Joe should upload the students into our email list
        2. Joe should talk with Larry about getting separated grade email lists.
      4. Most people were amenable to getting on the list. Told them about the 10 hours expected volunteer time.
      5. Susan will Cleanup List
        1. Merge our old list with the new list.
        2. Add “most recent” revision date column into the chart
        3. Check in MailChimp for bounced emails to update list (Joe) and send to Susan.
    3. Carpool Table
      1. Less people signed up – List was too simple?
      2. No columns on chart – people didn’t fill them in.
      3. Have carpool table at Open House (Debbie).  Susan will ask Deidre if this is okay to do.
  2. Beautification Day Aug 5th
    1. Only 2 parents came with Students: Laura Brown (we should talk with her about being involved in the Volunteer Corps), and one other gentlemen (Debbie can’t remember his name – he wanted to do outdoor Beautification). Debbie expressed that this time was valuable and a good one on one with Deidre and Debbie – time to talk about future projects.
    2. Cut 500 flags – fabric into pieces
    3. Picture of Flags is on the FALA Facebook page.
    4. Ended up not being a Garbage/Recycle install because the school maintenance man installed them for us (on cement slabs).
    5. Marketing Discussion on how to get more people to events
      1. Want the school to “share” our postings on Facebook.
      2. Have the school Admin advertise it as their activity.
      3. Deidre wanted the invite to be “vague” on purpose, but it made the marketing vague. Marketing needs to be more specific.
  3. Vacant Positions
    1. Secretary – Maybe Cori Morse? (Susan will talk with her)
    2. Vice President – Fill later.
    3. Process for filling positions – Announce during the September Brainstorming meeting?
  4. Treasurer Report
    1. We are starting the year off with $1,083.87 in our account.
    2. Link to ledger: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_3BsLxTWDDgSDRsenZTLTBKY1U/view?usp=sharing
    3. Future – Would be nice if we could get our own bank accounts?
  5. 2017-2018 School Year Planning
    1. How & Who will we find out all school events that we can support?
      1. We will support those events that are already on our list, and only add if specifically requested.
      2. Theater Events – setup scenarios with Mr Levin. We need a Team Leader.
      3. Music Events – Too many music teachers. Hard to define…
      4. Dance Events – We need a new Team Leader
      5. Sell concessions – do they allow it at the venues?
    2. Tracking of Volunteer time
      1. Who is responsible – We determined that the Administration should be responsible for this (as well as Student Volunteer hours), but we can help them with the systems.
        1. Do paper tracking in a book in the office (like loose-leaf).
        2. Software? Maybe part of the “volunteer signup” software?
  6. Volunteer Corps Activities – Schedule
    1. Communications Team (Joe) – Year Planning
      1. Website
        1. Hosting – Will be about $10 per month (starting in October). We will vote in September to allot this money.
        2. Domain Registration – Will be about $15 per year.
        3. Website Content – No new requests for content at this time.
        4. Photos – Assign a Photographer to every event and activity.
      2. Social Media
        1. Facebook – Team posting/socializing between Joe and Susan.
        2. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – Not ready for it.
      3. Emailers 
        1. Scheduling – We will want to do them Weekly (probably on Thursday).  Joe will be working on a process for getting announcements in our Emailers.  Content due by Tuesday?
        2. Compiling the Email Lists. Joe will work with Larry to get school master files.
        3. Name of our Newsletters: Come up with a name like FALA Buzz. Maybe “Classroom Connection”…?
      4. Texting Service – Compiling the List of Phone Numbers.  Susan has another Text service we may want to use.
      5. Flyers/Brochure Card – Done. Susan shows everyone! They look very nice.
      6. Name Tags – Do another order early in the school year. Sherry will bring what she has to FALA this week.
      7. Volunteer Opportunity Board – Joe will work on software with Larry (signup genie, …) this semester.
    2. Event Scheduling
      1. Wednesday, August 30th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm – Open House
        1. Do we want to have a presence? Table? Who is going to take care of this?
        2. Susan will ask Deidre if we can sign up volunteers and carpool and fundraising.
      2. Wednesday, September 6th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm  – Ice Cream Social
        1. Susan (Team Captain) – Start building a team.
        2. Volunteer Ice Cream Social/ Administration Town Hall. Need to start looking for Donations.
        3. Town Hall/Meet the Admin from 6:30 to 7:00
        4. Ice cream from 7:00 to 7:30
        5. Volunteer Table – Signup for our Newsletter (laptop) table, pickup flyers… Need one to two volunteers.
        6. Volunteers Needed – Joe send emailer asking for volunteers.
      3. Thursday, September 28th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm (FALA if possible or FSM) – Volunteer Meeting Night / Brainstorming Meeting. 
      4. Thursday, October 19th from 6:30 to 8 pm Game Night?
        1. Joe (Team Captain) – Start building a team.
      5. Saturday, October 28th from 9 to Noon – Make a Difference Day (Beautification Day)
        1. Debbie (Team Captain)
        2. Remove cinder from amphitheater? Get Sand or Grass Sod???  Weeding and cutting tree suckers?
      6. Future Events (Not Scheduled Yet)
        1. November (early) – Volunteer Meeting Night
        2. December – Winter Dance (concessions table and support) / Winter Music Event (concessions table and support)
    3. Beautification Days Report from Debbie
      1. New recycle bin grant – Perform recycling audit on bins a few weeks into school. Will need to coordinate with new middle and high school science teacher to fulfill educational component of grant- already spoke to Mr. Beckett (new Horticulture/Science Teacher).
    4. Alumni Team – (Bonnie, Team Captain)
      1. Create a Team – Get 5 people together to figure out what we are going to do on the Alumni Team.
      2. Reunion or Dance Involvement – Not this year.
      3. Work on Alumni Lists and Website – Organize this year!
    1. Projects (Non-Event Related) – Move this to the Idea Board (Joe)
  7. New Business / Not on Agenda
  8. Meeting ends at: 8:22 pm

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