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Advisory Counsel Meeting Minutes 9/12/17

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Location: Flagstaff School of Music

In Attendance: Bonnie, Susan, Debbie, and Joe

Agenda Items:

  1. Business Agenda 

    1. Vacant Positions
      1. Secretary – Maybe Cori Morse? (Susan will talk with her)
      2. Vice President
      3. Process for filling positions
        1. Announce during the September Brainstorming meeting? Yes
        2. Joe will send out E-mailer, post to Website and FB
        3. Ask people personally
    2. New Idea Boards –
      1. Joe has redone the Idea Boards into multiple Google Docs by Team topics.
      2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CRN0W4ZWrbote57gqbXW1DN_JB0k-l0g-L16wqzO1rY/edit?usp=sharing
      3. Get Team Captains to maintain their section.
      4. Joe will post to website.
    3. Registration Days Follow-up
      1. Add Student Names into Emailer List (Joe)
      2. Cleanup List (Susan)
        1. merge our old list with the new list.
        2. add “most recent” revision date column into the chart
        3. check in MailChimp for bounce emails to update list.
    4. How & Who will we find out all school events that we can support?
      1. We will support those events that are already on our list, and only add if specifically requested.
      2. Theater Events – setup scenarios with Mr Levin. We need a Team Leader
      3. Music Events – Too many music teachers. Hard to define…
      4. Dance Events – We need a new Team Leader
      5. Sell concessions – do they allow it?
    5. Tracking of Volunteer time
      1. Setup paper tracking in a book in the office
      2. software – The Communications Team is implementing the SignupGenius.com software which has some built in.
    6. Treasurer Report (Debbie will update prior to meeting)
      1. We are starting the year off with $1,083.87 in our account.
  2. Team Reports

    1. Alumni Team Report – (Bonnie)
      1. Create a Team – Get 5 people together on the Team to figure out what we are going to do on the Alumni Team.
      2. Work on Alumni Lists and Website – Organize this year!
      3. Alumni Poster – Susan and Bonnie work on.
    2. Fundraising Team (Bonnie)
      1. Create a Team – build a team in September and October
      2. Need new Tax Credit Brochure from Deidre.
      3. Corporate Sponsors – Susan make a flyer, Bonnie get sponsors with flyer.
    3. Appreciation Team Report
      1. Team Captain? Ask Alisa to get them started and then get a new Team Captain.
      2. Initial Meeting/Coffee Report
    4. Beautification Team Report (Debbie)
      1. New recycle bin grant
        1. Perform recycling audit on bins a few weeks into school. Saturday, September 23rd from 10 to 12.
        2. Will need to coordinate with new middle and high school science teacher to fulfill educational component of grant- already spoke to Mr. Krueger.
      2. Make a Difference – Sat Oct 28th – cinder removal, weeding, cutting tree suckers
    5. Events Team Report (Susan & Joe)
      1. Open House Report (from Aug 30th) – Cancelled our involvement
      2. Ice Cream Social Report (from Sept 6th) – Cancelled. Not enough time to put together.
      3. Volunteer Meeting Night / Brainstorming Meeting. Planning discussion. Event to be held on SOON (at 6:30 pm at FALA).  Susan will confirm with Deidre about these dates and then we will begin marketing it.  Our first meeting of the year!!!
        1. Here are some Date options:
          1. Wednesday, September 27th
          2. Tuesday, October 3rd
          3. Wednesday, October 4th
      4. Game Night (Joe) – Planning discussion. Event to be held on Thursday, October 19th from 6:30 to 8 pm.  Susan will confirm dates with Deidre and Larry.
      5. Make a Difference Day. Planning discussion. Event to be held on Saturday, October 28th from 9 to Noon – Remove cinder from amphitheater? Get Sand or Grass Sod???
      6. Discuss the December Dance/Music Events – We should start planning soon including getting a Team Captain. 
    6. Communications Team (Joe)
      1. Year Planning – Report on Communications meetings with Larry, Gessica, and Deidre. We’ve been meeting regularly and are working on a bunch of new communications tools including SignupGenius.com and a School Messenger Service (which will allow us to send Texts and Phone Messages).
      2. Public Meeting: Tuesday, September 26th at 5:30 pm 
  3. New Business / Not on Agenda

  4. Meeting ends at: 7:56 pm

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