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Area Representatives | First Gathering

We had our first Area Representatives Gathering and it was a big success.

During the meeting, we went over our initial organizational ideas. We most likely will not be having another Rep meeting for a while. I want the teams to begin working together and having their own gatherings.

Here’s some things we are doing:

1) Headshot w/ Phone and Email – We will be gathering images and contact information for all of our Area Reps to hand out at the school and put on the website.  If you are a Rep, please send your info to Dawn Edwards ( dawn.edwards.art@gmail.com ) who is collecting this information.  We will then have our Communications Team (Joe & Carrie) make a flyer and get on website.

2) Introductions at School – Rep teams need to work on finding a time to go down to the school and start getting to know the teachers in their area.

3) Idea Board – Joe made a Board online for ideas and task tracking. You can view it by clicking here.  If you are involved with the Volunteer Corps, you too can have access to this Board to make changes and updates.  Simply contact Joe Bodin…

4) Box in Office – We will be working on creating an Idea Box that will go in the office for people to drop off things for the Volunteer Corps.

5) Tshirts – The Art Rep Team will be working on Tshirts for the Volunteer Corps. We will have an Art Contest for Students for the design.

6) Student Reps – We will be seeking out Student Reps for each genre/area too.

If you would like to be an Area Rep and join one of our Teams, please contact us.

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