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We had a great KICKOFF meeting last week!

A special Thank you to Ignacia Vaiza (Mama V), Tim Mahannah, Elena Russell, Renee Garcia, Phil Hagen, Annette Pomponio, Deni Kahn and Jeran Fox for coming!

For those that missed it, here’s a brief recap of what was covered:

  1. Introduced our current Advisory Counsel (Joe Bodin, Debbie Bodin, Stephanie Kohnen, and Susan Fox)
  2. Explained the Role of Advisory Counsel vs. Volunteer Corps
  3. Our Current Mission & Vision
    1. Mission: Our goal is to provide information and communication to further the education of our students. We are a group of parents, family members, alumni, and community leaders that are dedicated to supporting the Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy through volunteer endeavors. We are designed to support the efforts of the school Administration, Staff, and Teachers.
    2. Vision: The Advisory Counsel and other active members of our Volunteer Corps meet regularly to further our mission and goals. We host Open Houses, Volunteer Brainstorming sessions, and Organizational Retreats to invite anyone from our school to have a voice in our activities. Through our discussions we came up with three main goals or visions that we hope to attain over time.
      1. Help the School: Our original and primary purpose has been to help the school be a better place. To take everything that the Administration, the Teachers, and the Students have been hard at work putting together, and enhance it. To bring support to programs and events already happening in the school, to bring our own social events and activities to the FALA family, and to safeguard our school through our organizational structure.
      2. Create a Community: We all have communities whether they be clubs, groups, religious organizations, … Community building is all about having a place to feel welcome. This is a way that we can build on the social aspects of being a parent and alumni of FALA. To be involved in something that helps, while having lots of fun doing it.
      3. Be Involved with our Kids: This is a crucial time to be a big part of kids’ lives. If we truly want them to succeed and talk with us about their successes and failures, then we need to be there. We, as a volunteer corps, can be a force to bring families together. Being involved in the activities of our kids, their education, and their activities, will bring us closer to them.
  4. Last Year’s Accomplishments
    1. Appreciation Team: Stephanie Kohnen
    2. Beautification Team, Carpool Coordinator, and Dance Performance Support Team: Debbie Bodin
    3. Communications Team: Joe Bodin
    4. Fundraising & Events Team: Susan Fox
  5. Join our Advisory Counsel!
    1. All positions are open, please let Susan know if you are interested by emailing falavolunteercorps@gmail.com
    2. Descriptions of each Position: click here
  6. This Year’s Goals, from our Executive Director, Eli Cohen
    1. Continue Focusing on: Improvements in Financial, Organizational, and Administrative areas. “Have the right person do the right job.”
    2. Strengthen FALA’s Community:
      1. Increase Marketing and Development Efforts including an Annual Giving Campaign, Corporate Giving Program, and other ideas
      2. Build a Community Partnerships Committee
      3. Develop an Alumni Database (Reunion in 2019?)
    3. Develop a comprehensive plan to Landscape the Campus sustainably
    4. Sleep
  7. How the Volunteer Corps’ Projects Work
    1. Every idea needs a team leader
    2. Every team should have about 5 members minimum
    3. Tools: SignUp Genius; Remind; Newsletter; FALA Buzz; Facebook; Website
  8. Introductions of newcomers and Brainstorming
    1. Introductions & What brought you to FALA? (**Amazing stories!!**)
    2. New Ideas & Suggestions for Improvements
  9. We had a Raffle Drawing & Phil won a FALA sweatshirt!

Join us in having all this fun and making a difference at our school & Stay tuned for our next Volunteer Meeting Announcement !!

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