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January/February Meeting Minutes

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday, concert, and performance season has settled, the FALA Volunteer Corps was able to sit and chat about how else the Volunteer Corps can help our school.  Many ideas floated around and the input that parents had voiced was valuable.  Thank you to all who attended!  We hope to see you at a future meeting!

January Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Flagstaff Library East, 3000 N. 4th Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Attendees: Elena Russell, Shauntel Fitch, Deborah Bodin, Joe Bodin, Suzannah Libby, Shelley Jones, Eli Cohen, Stasia Floley, Sarah Edmonds, Tim Mahannah

Business Agenda

A. Treasurer Report (Stasia Begley)

  1. Currently have: $678.58 (+/- some items (staff gifts, etc) from holiday season)
  2. Should consider doing a fundraising activity specifically for the Volunteer Corps next semester
  3. Think about corporate sponsorships to raise “big” money for campus programs

B. Executive Director Report (Eli Cohen)

  1. Eli would like to brainstorm with the Volunteer Corp on how to increase leadership and volunteerism on campus and at school-related events. (see item A1 in Misc Items)
  2. Tax Credits: Flyers will be distributed as soon as possible.  Volunteers are needed to hand out flyers in the carpool line. Tim Mahannah is willing to help, but more are needed. Discussion to be continued @ next meeting
  3. Emergency Planning – Drills, training, supplies: Eli Cohen and Shelley Jones will be sending out an email to students & parents about emergency response procedures and drills.
  4. Showcase: To be discussed @ next meeting
  5. New Volunteers – Mike James contacted Eli about volunteering.  Who will be taking care of contacting him and facilitating him becoming involved? It was suggested to direct all new volunteers to the FALA Volunteer Corp website (although this is an impersonal method, it helps the Volunteer Corp know where a volunteer would like to be placed)

C. Upcoming Volunteer Activities:

  1. Chili Cook-Off
  2. Teacher luncheons

Team Reports

A. Appreciation Team Report (Shauntel Fitch)

  1. From Stephanie: Appreciation Team
  2. Teacher luncheons are already in place for the rest of the school year.

B. Communications Team (Joe Bodin)

  1. Google Drive Move (still needs to be done)
  2. Shauntel: (and remove Stephanie)
    1. Already added to: Google Drive
    2. Need to add her to:  Website (Joe), FlagArts Email Accounts (Eli), SignupGenius Admin (Eli), …  Anything else?

C. Beautification Team Report (Debbie Bodin)

  1. Working on Master Gardener Grant Application $250- Due Friday Feb 15th- will be applying to raise funds for FALA wash renovation project- Phil and Deb will keep us posted on this.
  2. Next Campus Beautification Event will be in Spring- not yet scheduled

D. Events Team Report – (Susan Fox)

  1. Chili Cook-Off: Stasia has offered to coordinate and will settle on a date with Eli.  The Orpheum Theatre has offered to allow our event to be held there!

E. Fundraising Team Report

  1. Brainstorm ideas on how to secure corporate sponsorships.  Team lead needed.


A. Ideas on how to encourage leadership and volunteerism at FALA?

  1. Encouraging volunteerism: More community events to give families (esp. incoming 6th grade families) the opportunity to get to know one another.
  2. Leadership begins with admin; Eli to be the “head” of the Volunteer Corps.
  3. Volunteer Corps events and school events: Forming teams to see where volunteers can fit in and letting teachers/staff know that we’re here to help.
  4. Streamline communication so that families can easily find an opportunity to help the school (SignUp Genius).

Meeting ends at: 7:25

*Next meeting will be Advisory Council only: 6PM February 19th @ FALA


February Meeting Minutes: Advisory Council

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Location: FALA in Eli’s Office

Attendees: Eli Cohen, Debbie Bodin, Joe Bodin

A. Volunteer Organizational Structure – We spent a while discussing the structure of how the Volunteer Corps would/could work.  We didn’t come to any specific conclusions, but did map out a little bit of an overview on how we could do some of it in the future (aiming to solidify the new plan for next Fall).

  1. Eli – He will “head” the volunteer corps. We need to come up with some sort of Superhero title for him.
  2. Advisory Counsel – We discussed making the Advisory Counsel a fairly “exclusive” position by capping it at 7 members.  We discussed the differences between this being an “Advisory” position as opposed to a “Doing” position.  Obviously, we need to figure out how the “doing” will get done as well, but we talked about how we don’t want those 7 people to always be running and doing everything.  They can do more if they want, but the Advisory Member should be strictly agreeing to come to these meetings and advise (without the pressure of always volunteering for everything).
  3. Possible Structure (up for lots more discussion)
    1. Eli – Our Chief
    2. Advisory Council – discusses all activities and helps Eli organize/overview what is needed for all activities (i.e. map out the initial plan of action together)
    3. Staff or Student Volunteers in Office – create the Signup Genius (under Eli’s guidance)
    4. Event Planners – create a committee or team of Event Planners who coordinate the logistics of activities (using the initial plan mapped out by the Eli and the Advisory Counsel, and following up with the Signup).  This team would not run the event, but organize everything in the background. How do we create this team?
    5. Event Coordinator – a single person that then consults with the Event Planners and “runs the activity”.  This position can be filled in the Signup.
  4. Recruiting Advisory Members / The New Plan – Host a big meeting in September (next Fall) right after school starts.  We plan it during the summer…

B. Tax Credit Campaign – Here’s the plan.

  1. Newsletter/Emailer – Eli will write this…
    1. Post to the Websites on this Fri, Feb 22nd (Joe and Eli)
    2. In the Buzz (as a teaser/shorter) on Sun, Feb 24th
    3. Special Edition Buzz/Eli Emailer (full edition) on Tues, Feb 26th
    4. Volunteer Emailer on Thur, Feb 28th
  2. Eli will be the “Event Coordinator” (handle the volunteers at the school)
  3. Debbie will create a Signup on Wed, Feb 20th.We need two people in the Parking Lot on:
    1. Tues, Mar 5th (morning)
    2. Wed, Mar 6th (afternoon)
    3. Tues, Mar 12th (afternoon)
    4. Wed Mar 13th (morning)
  4. Joe will send out an Emailer on Thur, Feb 28th with a Signup Genius button

C. FALA Spring Roundtable – A community building event hosted by the Volunteer Corps.

  1. Held on either Tue, Mar 12th or Thur, Mar 14th (Eli will decide) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the Dance Room
  2. Community Building Forum with representatives from all of the major school committees and groups. Eli will discuss the event with Deidre, Board Members, etc… Get a representative from each group to attend/talk.
    1. Introduction/Welcome from Administration – Eli and Deidre talk…
    2. Board Report – at least one Board Member would talk
    3. Volunteer Advisory – we need to discuss what/who will talk.  Recruiting for the Spring Dance/Music/Theater event should be on our agenda.
    4. Student Council (STUCO) – a student perspective
    5. Teachers/FALAlot – input from the teachers
    6. Committee Reports – see if the Marketing Committee and/or Strategic Planning Committee would like to talk.
    7. Open Q&A
  3. Joe will write up an overview press release for the event and then send it out to everyone to edit and comment.
  4. Event Planning – This should be a simple event with very little preparation.
    1. Eli gets all of the speakers (see above)
    2. Setup/Take Down of chairs – Do we need to do a signup?  Or, do a few of us want to just do it…?
    3. Marketing to everyone…
  5. We had a discussion on doing this sort of “roundtable” event twice a year (Fall & Spring).

D. Beautification Day (Earth Day) and Chili Cook-Off

  1. Held on Sat, Apr 27th at FALA
    1. Beautification from 10 am to Noon
    2. Cook-off from Noon to 2 pm
  2. Event Organization
    1. Debbie will handle the logistics of the Beautification Event
    2. Eli will get with Stasia to work out the logistics of the Cook-off
    3. Stasia will be the Event Coordinator at the event
  3. Marketing Begins
    1. Signup Genius – Deadline is April 1st
      1. Debbie will create a Signup for the Beautification part
      2. Eli/Stasia will then “add” to the Signup the needs of the Cook-off
    2. Mid-March – Joe/Eli will begin “Save the Date” marketing

E. Fall Shows

  1. Organizers – We will need to start figuring out who will run each of the shows (Dance, Music, and Theater) soon.
  2. Debbie expressed that the Beautification event is a week away from the Dance shows, so she’d like someone else (with her help) to take over running these shows.  She has the plan all mapped out (including the winter signup), so it should be fairly easy for someone to take over.

F. Next Advisory Meeting – We did not set this since the majority of the group wasn’t at this meeting.  We will need to do this via email. If we continue to do every two weeks for a while to get things organized, then the next meeting would be Tues, Mar 5th or Thur, Mar 7th at 6 pm at FALA.

Meeting ends at: 8 pm

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