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March Advisory Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Location: Ponderosa Room @ Flagstaff Medical Center (west campus), 1215 N. Beaver Street., Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Attendees: Janet Levin, Susan Fox, Larry Wallen, Debbie Bodin, Joe Bodin, Stephanie Kohnen, Cathy Brixen, John Brixen

Agenda Items:

Business Agenda

  1. Secretary Position is still open
  2. Treasurer Report – Debbie
    1. Currently have $1061.38. See link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d-H5QhZIfImD3X767grmT-asHADwiC5e
    2. Spending for reimbursement: Anything over $50 must be approved by board, under $50 can be approved  by our Treasurer (Deb).
    3. Joe requested $50 for Facebook Enrollment Campaign that he was helping Deidre with.  Approved.
    4. What are funds used for?  Funds raised for Volunteer Corps are currently used for/ and could be used to donate: (**NOTE:  Ask for discounts if we advertise for vendor (roof))
      1. Gifts to school
      2. Teacher Appreciation
      3. Beautification
      4. Fume hood for science room $1K
      5. Signage/marquee
      6. Science Equipment
      7. Baritone Sax with many mouthpieces**  Mr. Coleman or Mr. Walden
      8. Battery backup
  3. Review FALA Volunteer Corps Goals – are we on target?  Are any changes/updates needed?
  4. Review FALA Volunteer Corps Programs
  5. Update on Fundraising
    1. Tax Credit Campaign.
      1. PA Announcements – Janet Levine.  
      2. Have the counselors (Gessica and Janine) do an advisory on taxes for next year.
      3. Marketing – Letters, Facebook, Emailers (Joe & Deidre)
      4. Parking Lot Campaign
        1. Hand out tax credit forms to parents in parking lot and at school events
        2. Have a Square on hand to take payments  CANCELLED
        3. Design a business card sized info handout- John can design it  . Confusion but John will send to Larry. Give business cards to students to pass out.
        4. Phone call follow up with parents (need script to follow)  CANCEL
        5. Create a direct call to action letter (Susan will get Deidre’s approval on verbiage first) to send out in our newsletter.  DONE
        6. Award the winning class with a Pizza party paid for by the Volunteer Corps CANCELLED
        7. Publish how much was raised after April 15th
      5. 10 Parents have donated in the last 2 weeks (which is approximately $3000 to $4000)
    2. Corporate Sponsors – Heather Pierce posted the list in Google Docs and the Volunteer Corps is invited to add potential sponsors to the list.  STATUS? Resend with a call to action – Susan will talk to Heather about this. 
    3. PR “Meet & Greet” – Cathy
      1. Rescheduled to Thursday March 29th  with Deidre & Larry; Volunteer Corps will get snacks & beverages and host/hostess the event.  Cathy will take point on coordinating with Deidre. We will promote the Tax Credit Campaign/Donations and have squares on hand.
      2. Emphasis on Volunteer Corps and how we support the school.  6:30 – 7 Refreshments; 7 Susan presentation on Volunteer Corps; 7:30 Q&A
      3. Room ?  How room set up?
      4. Poster Board with Program Info – John will design
      5. Refreshments – cookies, punch, snacks, etc. Use Sign-up Genius
      6. Purpose is “We Love Our School”; “Meet other Parents”; Ask reps from FALA to come & entertain/showcase like Abigail Collier (poetry winner); Ms. Hennes show art pieces?; Mr. Coleman – music; Mr. Walden choir; etc.
    4. FALA Gala Extravaganza – Volunteer Corps’ help is needed to obtain auction pieces
    5. Improve our own communication to avoid duplicate efforts; miscommunications. CC the team on all emails

Team Reports

  1. Appreciation Team Report (Stephanie Kohnen)
    1. March 2nd report – lunch was very successful; lots of new people and very generous and expensive food brought.
    2. April 27th lunch
    3. Teacher appreciation week in May.
  2. Communications Team (Joe)
    1. Steps for Leaders to get the Word out:
      1. Create a Signup Genius
      2. Send “press release” to Joe by Wed 5pm so that he can publish in newsletter and to Deidre so she can include in the Buzz.
    2. Signup Genius
      1. Still Need Lists from Larry for Students and Parents
      2. Plans to do an instructional video for SignUp Genius.
    3. Name Tags (Susan) – Schedule a reorder date with Flagstaff Staff (on 4th street by Big Lots) and advertise to volunteers for purchase.  Stephanie Kohnen; Cathy; John; Susan Proposed reorder Date:  March 8
  3. Beautification Team Report (Debbie)
    1. Finish up on recycling grant. The education component was done with a tour of the Recycling Plant and the students visited the Advisory classes to share their knowledge.  Ask students of Horticulture Class (Mr. Beckett) to give a presentation to the Sustainability Committee at CoF. Considering doing 2nd garbage audit on Earth Day: Still need to do press release and gather teacher information on education efforts – put out an email but limited response.  
    2. Spring Beautification Day – Will be planning Earth Day event in the spring. Debbie wants to work on the front entrance of the school but open to ideas. 4/22.  Will use email & FALA Buzz to get the word out.
    3. Would like to do a campus clean up Pre Start of School (end of July):  Pick up Garbage; Mowing the weeds; beautification. Need leader (Debbie will be out of town).
  4. Events Team Report
    1. Organizing the Team
      1. Joe has officially resigned from being a part of this Team because he’s working on so many other areas for Communications.
      2. Sign up Genius – Three people signed up: Lisa Coe, Kayley Thomson, and Terry Ortega.  Joe sent these names/contact info to Deidre to help with the FALA Gala. Maybe they can help with the Meet & Greet?
    2. Scheduling of Future Activities – This will be combined with the “Meet & Greet” on March 5th; Cathy will coordinate with Deidre.
    3. Dinner Fundraiser – Chipotle; Wildflower; Taverna; Susan will talk to restaurants.

For Reference:  Communication Tools

  1. Access to the Idea Boards (full editor) – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CRN0W4ZWrbote57gqbXW1DN_JB0k-l0g-L16wqzO1rY/edit?usp=sharing.  Get Team Captains to maintain their section.
  2. Voxer – Get new members to have the App and invite them to group discussion.


  1. Teacher Fund
  2. We need a committee to raise funds (like a booster club)
  3. Can a percentage of Corporate Sponsorship be allocated to Teacher Fund
  4. Corporate Sponsorship (Strategic Committee)
    1. Will launch corporate sponsorship campaign after the FALA Gala Extravaganza
    1. John and Cathy will research
      1. Get Tax ID #
      2. Articles of Incorporation
      3. Get an Attorney of Record
  6. Culture of Giving – how will FALA community adapt?
  7. Can a film student capture kids talking about how cool FALA is?  Publish online? Ask Deidre
  8. Blues & Brews – Parent Volunteers

 Meeting ended at: 8:38pm

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