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March Meeting Minutes

We had a very productive meeting this month and we are excited about the upcoming FALA Spring Community Roundtable as well as the spring shows.  We also welcomed Tim Mahannah and Joshua Colvin to the FALA Volunteer Planning Committee.  We’re happy to have you on the team!  There will be a lot of opportunities to help out on campus soon, so stay tuned…  Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Volunteer Planning Committee Agenda

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Location: FALA in Eli’s Office

Attendees: Eli Cohen, Joe Bodin, Stasia Begley, Tim Mahannah, Elena Russell, Joshua Colvin, Debbie Bodin

Agenda Items:


Business Agenda

  1. Treasurer Report (Stasia Begley)
    1. Currently have: $678.58
    2. No requests for spending at this time.


Executive Director Report (Eli Cohen)

  1. School accreditation evaluation will happen on March 27th.
  2. Planning for tax credit season (2019-2020 SY) should be added to summer agenda so that we can get the ball rolling earlier next year.
    1. Consider dropping school tax credit cards off at various tax preparation offices.

Upcoming Volunteer Activities:

  1. Tax Credits: SignUp Genius has gone out and flyer distribution begins Wednesday March 6th.  More volunteers are needed to help distribute flyers!
  2. Spring Shows: Organizers – We will need to start figuring out who will run each of the shows (Dance, Music, and Theater) soon.
    1. Debbie expressed that the Beautification event is a week away from the Dance shows, so she’d like someone else (with her help) to take over running these shows.  She has the plan all mapped out (including the winter signup), so it should be fairly easy for someone to take over.
  3. Campus Beautification & Chili Cook-off: Set for Saturday, April 27th.  Campus beautification event will happen from 10-12 and the cook-off from 12-2.  (See Beautification Team Report)
    1. Stasia to decide on entertainment during the cook-off.  She will reach out to teachers to see if students would like to perform or if we can get Terry from Flagstaff School of Music to come out.

Team Reports

  1. Appreciation Team Report (Shauntel Fitch)
    1. March Teacher / Staff Appreciation Event was pie; thru SignUp Genius parents volunteered and brought seven pies and ice cream for the ⅜ teacher planning meeting after school.
  2. Communications Team (Joe Bodin)
    1. Joe and Eli to work on a name change for SignUp Genius account.  It is currently under Eli’s name when it might make more sense for sign ups to be from the Volunteer Corps.
  3. Beautification Team Report (Debbie Bodin)
    1. Campus Beautification event happening on April 27th from 10-12 with the chili cook-off afterwards.  We will announce the event during the Spring Community Roundtable with a “Save the Date” to go out on April 4th.  Debbie and Stasia will send a combined SignUp Genius on April 11th.
  4. Events Team Report
    1. Spring Community Roundtable: Set for Thursday April 11th at 6:30PM.  Our community will get an opportunity to hear members of the Volunteer Corps, administration (Executive Director: Eli Cohen and Dean of Academy: Deidre Crowley), STUCO, FALA counselors, and teachers to expand communication, transparency, and help build a stronger sense of community within the school.  We would like to hold these roundtables twice a year beginning in the 2019-2020 SY.
    2. Elena will set up the SignUp Genius to go out March 26th, Joe/Eli will push out a reminder in a Volunteer Corps emailer/FALA Buzz on March 28th and again in the 1st week of April.
  5. Fundraising Team Report
    1. Nothing new to report.




  1. Joe Bodin made a motion to vote Tim Mahannah and Joshua Colvin to officially be on the Volunteer Planning Committee.
    1. The vote was seconded by Eli and made official. Welcome Tim and Josh!
  2. Meetings: Can we turn half our meetings into Virtual Meetings using Google Hangouts?  It’ll be easier and more convenient.
    1. Voted and decided our next meeting will take place using Google Hangouts.


Meeting ends at: 7:45


*Next meeting will be: Monday March 25th from 6PM – 7PM on Google Hangouts.

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