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Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy

FALA Volunteer Corps

Meeting Agenda | August 9, 2016

Join us at the next meeting of the FALA Volunteer Corps on
Tuesday, August 9th at 6:30 pm at FALA in Room 10.
Please join us…!


  • Overview of Minutes from Last Month
  • Advisory Counsel Announcements
    • Welcome to our New Secretary: Joselyn Fenley
    • Representative: Committee Chair & Members needed
    • Committees: Overview about our Plan and Members needed
  • Program Review
    • Registration Days: Post-Report from Sherry Wood (Committee Chair)
      • Help with Volunteer List
    • Chaperone/Drivers Program: Kara McAlister (Committee Chair)
    • School Beautification Days: Richard Ransom (Foreman)
    • Carpool Program: Debbie Bodin (Committee Chair)
    • In School Support: Report from Deidre Crawley (Dean)
    • Communications Committee: Joe Bodin (seeking Committee Chair)
    • Tech & IT Committee: Scott Boynton (Committee Chair)
    • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Lunches: Alisa Ashley (Committee Chair)
  • New Business
    • Payback for Expenses / Tax Write-off
    • Corporate Sponsorship Option
    • Next FALA Board Meeting
  • Open to the Floor
  • Next Meeting Scheduled: Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30 pm

Please take a moment to review the website at www.falavolunteers.com to see everything we’ve been putting together.

We are doing this meeting at the house of a volunteer so that it is less formal.  We’d like to encourage everyone to bring something to munch on including Snacks, Beverages, and Wine for the group to make it an enjoyable and relaxed meeting!


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