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Meeting Agenda | September 13, 2016

Join us at the next meeting of the FALA Volunteer Corps on
Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30 pm at 515 W Fir Ave (North of the Hospital – Map).
Please join us…!  Bring chairs and snacks…!

Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Overview

Advisory Counsel Announcements

  • Structure of Leadership: Business Team & Program Team
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Sherry Wood
  • Master Contact List & Email List – Our awesome “Calling Team” reached out to a huge portion of our lists. If you did not receive a phone call and/or respond, then you need to go talk with Debbie Bodin prior to leaving to make sure to be on our lists.
  • Committee Planning – Signup Sheets will be handed out as we review each Program

Program Review

  • Chaperone/Drivers CommitteeElizabeth Driebe (Committee Chair)

Elden Pueblo Trip Drivers Needed (October 13th)
Chaperone’s for FALA Luau (September 30th)

  • Events & Fundraising CommitteeSherry Wood (Interim Committee Chair – Seeking a Committee Chair)

Help with Parking Lot Sale (Volunteers Needed for InFALAble Llamas)
Corporate Sponsorship Program
Future Plans & Ideas

  • Class & Area RepresentativesJoe Bodin (Interim Chair – Seeking a Committee Chair)

Discussion about Reps
Middle School Reps & High School Reps
Genre/Area Reps (Art Rep Needed)

  • Appreciation CommitteeAlisa Ashley (Committee Chair)

First Activity a Big Success
Future Plans

  • Beautification CommitteeRichard Ransom (Foreman)

Next Schedule Day (Saturday, October 22nd from 9 am to Noon)
Book Shelf Project report

  • IT & Computer CommitteeScott Boynton (Committee Chair)

Internet is Rocking
Google School Report
Future Plans

  • Communications CommitteeJoe Bodin (Committee Chair)

Need Graphic Designer
Social Media Helper
Classroom Connections

  • Carpool CommitteeDebbie Bodin (Committee Chair)
  • In School SupportDeidre Crawley (Dean)


  • The Llama Show.
  • Board of Trustees Meeting on Wednesday, September 14th at 4 pm at school.
  • Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday, September 21st at 4 pm in Room 4.
  • FALA “Parking Lot Sale” will be on Saturday, September 24th from 8 am to 2 pm.
  • FALA Council Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 26th at 3:30 pm in Room 8.

Future Meeting Times

  • Advisory Counsel will meet on Tuesday, October 4th at 6:30 pm.
  • The next Volunteer Corps Meeting will be on Tuesday, October 11th at 6:30 pm.

Please take a moment to review the website at www.falavolunteers.com to see everything we’ve been putting together.

We are doing this meeting at the house of a volunteer so that it is less formal.  Please bring CHAIRS since we may be a bit short of seating depending on how many people show up.  We’d like to encourage everyone to bring something to munch on including Snacks, Beverages, and Wine for the group to make it an enjoyable and relaxed meeting!


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