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November Advisory Meeting Minutes


Date/Time: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

Location: Flagstaff School of Music

In Attendance: Joe Bodin, Debbie Bodin, Bonnie Dumdei, Stephanie Kohnan, and Susan Fox

Agenda Items:

  1. Business Agenda
    1. Vacant Positions Discussion
    2. Secretary – Welcome to Kayli Welker. We would like to meet Kayli and talk with her about the position, and then the existing Council would vote.
    3. Additional Members:
      1. Stephanie Kohnen – The council votes to welcome Stephanie as a Member of our group.
      2. Some interest from Molly Silverman and Janet Levin. Susan should follow-up with them.
    4. Put new Advisory Members on the Website (Joe Needs pictures)
    5. Communication Tools for new Members
      1. Access to the Agenda – Joe has invited Cathy and Kayli. Anyone else…?
      2. Access to the Website – Joe will need to create user accounts. Show them “Volunteer Hot Links” page.
      3. Access to the Idea Boards (full editor) – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CRN0W4ZWrbote57gqbXW1DN_JB0k-l0g-L16wqzO1rY/edit?usp=sharing. Get Team Captains to maintain their section.
      4. Voxer – Get new members to have the App and invite them to group discussion.
    6. Other Business Updates – Stephanie Koenen doing a great job as Appreciation Team Leader!!
  2. Treasurer Report (Debbie will update prior to meeting)
    1. Currently have $866.08.
    2. Spending for reimbursement: Anything over $50 must be approved by board, under $50 can be approved by our Treasurer (Deb).
  3. Team Reports
    1. Communications Team (Joe)
      1. Signup Genius – Joe has activated the FALA account
        1. Discussion on usage from the Volunteer Corps
        2. Who needs to be an Admin from the Volunteer Corps?
        3. Need Lists from Larry for Students and Parents
        4. Will be Scheduling a “Discussion Group / Class” in January.
        5. Team Building – Joe will be sending out a Signup Genius very soon to get people to join the Communications Team.
      2. Year Planning – Report on Communications meeting (with Larry and Deidre). Go to https://docs.google.com/document/d/12w82FcErBhkEZeu5UeLSXESjum0TOtn2_uWh0p3W8tA/edit?usp=sharing to view the Marketing Plan document. Currently, we are waiting for the Strategic Planning Committee to review our plan and make their assessment.
      3. Emailer Scheduling – The plan is to do them every Thursday (if we have things to announce). All content must be given to Joe by 5:30 pm on the Wednesday before.
      4. Texting Service – Susan put together a text service and loaded up the people who signed up at Registrations Days (i.e. a limited list). How do we wish to proceed…?
      5. Name Tags – Schedule a reorder date and advertise to volunteers for purchase.
      6. Website – John suggested that the link to our website is more prominent on flagarts.com
  4. Alumni Team Report – (Bonnie) – updates are being made in the Idea Board in the Programs folder.
  5. Fundraising Team (Bonnie) – updates are being made in the Idea Board on the Fundraising doc
    1. Corporate Sponsors – Susan make a flyer, Bonnie get sponsors with flyer. Please have a form on letterhead included in a packet. We will specifically request $200 for corporate sponsorship. Please include what the business receive for their sponsorships.
    2. May have help from Gessica (does not make flyers) and Janine
    3. Debbie says that she will get Tanya to give us any Tax Credit Brochures she has.
    4. Do tax credit donations via Square at the dance.
    5. Email out a PayPal announcement about Tax Credit.
    6. Have people in the Parking Lot talking to people at their cars in the morning. Can do until April 15th. Put out a signup genius for volunteers.
  6. Appreciation Team Report (Stephanie Koenen)
    1. Two events in December
    2. Teacher lunch – 15 families participated. Food and other things. Teachers loved it.
    3. Delivered Gifts – 18 people participated raising $395 for gift cards. $10 gift cards to all faculty and gift bags. 15 free popcorn coupons and candy.
    4. February 9th is the next faculty day
    5. Teacher appreciation week in May
  7. Beautification Team Report (Debbie)
    1. F/U on recycling grant. Need to do press release and gather teacher information on education efforts – put out an email but limited response.
    2. Spring Beautification Day – Will be planning Earth Day event in the spring. Debbie wants to work on the front entrance of the school.
  8. Events Team Report
    1. Winter Dance Escapades Report (Debbie) – Almost all slots filled by volunteers in Signup Genius- still need people to help on stage
    2. Organizing the Team
      1. Looking for a Team Captain – No takers on Signup Genius.
      2. Co-Captains – Three people signed up: Lisa Coe, Kayley Thomson, and Terry Ortega.
      3. Schedule an Organizing Meeting (coffee somewhere) in January (Joe)
    3. Scheduling of early February Activities – Cathy has volunteered to do an Open House.
    4. Volunteer Meeting? Open House, Ice Cream Social, Town Hall…?
    5. Social Mixer?
    6. Other Ideas…?
  9. IT/Technical Team Report
    1. Scott will be resigning (his son Sutton is going to another school), so we need a new Team Captain. (Although having “Community Members” like Bonnie is encouraged.)
    2. Put out a Signup Genius for the Position (who will do this)
  10. New Business / Not on Agenda
  11. Meeting ends at: 8:15 pm

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