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November Meeting Minutes

We had a low-key meeting this month, but the amount of parent volunteers for our performance season has been wonderful!  The holiday season is in full swing and the Volunteer Corps hope to see you at our next meeting on January29th.  Happy Holidays!


Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

FALA Volunteer Corps: Help the School, Create a Fun Community, and Be Involved With Our Kids!

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Flagstaff Library East, 3000 N. 4th Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Attendees: Joe Bodin, Debbie Bodin, Stephanie Kohnen, Tim Mahannah, and Elena Russell

Business Agenda

Treasurer Report (Debbie Bodin filling in for Stasia Floley)

  1. Debbie met with Stasia and Brooke.  Reconciled accounts, reviewed Volunteer Corps money handling policies, and gave both Stasia and Brooke all of the Volunteer Corps treasurer documents.
  2. Currently have: $678.58
  3. Should consider doing some fundraising for the Volunteer Corps in the next semester
  4. Volunteer Corps documents regarding handling money for events are on the website (About Us/Volunteer Hot Links)
  5. Important reminders regarding handling money for events: Fundraising money benefiting Volunteer Corps goes directly to the Treasurer.  Fundraising money benefiting FALA programs (dance, music, theatre, etc.) goes directly to the teacher.

Executive Director Report (Eli Cohen):

  1. Eli will not be attending this month due to another engagement.

Upcoming Volunteer Activities:

  1. Winter Escapades Dec 14-15 (Debbie Bodin)- Will coordinate with dance teachers and put out SignUp in the next week.
    1. Tim to help Debbie with whatever she needs
    2. Pre-sale tickets available at the office this week
  2. Music Events
    1. FALUNK and World Music Show November 30th @ FALA 7:30-8:30 PM (Elena Russell) – has put together a SignUp Genius to help Betsy Hamill gather baked goods and one or two volunteers for her concerts.  SignUp was live on Wednesday the 21st.
    2. Winter Music Concert December 11th @ Coconino Center for the Arts 7-8 PM (Elena Russell)- Betsy would like another bake sale and single-stemmed roses sold for donations at the event site.  SignUp will go out late next week.
    3. Theater Events Tim has offered to reach out to the Theatre Department to see if they need any help from the Volunteer Corps

Team Reports

  1. Appreciation Team Report (Stephanie Kohnen & Shauntel Fitch)
    1. Holiday Gift Collection update: $550 has already been collected!
    2. Advisory Board approved Stephanie’s $75 budget for wrapping supplies for teacher gifts
    3. Holiday Treat- No teacher PD in December, so a holiday breakfast is being considered
    4. Thank You Genie (Joe Bodin)
      1. Honeycrisp Monster Apples – All Staff
      2. Robert Corbin – Six Pack of Coca Cola
      3. Nut Mixture – All Staff
      4. Hot Chocolate Mix – All Staff
      5. Microwaves – All Students (See Plan of Action)
  2. Communications Team (Joe Bodin)
    1. Nothing new to Report.
  3. Beautification Team Report (Debbie Bodin)
    1. Waiting for Master Gardener Grant Application to be released- will be applying to raise funds for FALA wash renovation project- usually due Jan/Feb- Phil and Deb will keep us posted on this.
    2. Next Campus Beautification Event will be in Spring- not yet scheduled

Events and Fundraising Team Report – (Susan Fox)

  1. Chili Cook Off?  Still planning
  2. FALA Gala?  Most likely canceled for the 2018-2019 SY


  1. FALA is now a part of the Project LIT Community!  Elena is starting a Project LIT book club in the spring for our middle school students.  This will be an after-school club that will meet once a week.

Meeting ends at: 7:05 PM

*Next meeting will be 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at East Flag Library

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