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October Advisory Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

Location: Flagstaff School of Music

In Attendance:  Debbie, Bonnie, Cathy Brixen, and Susan

Agenda Items:


  1. Business Agenda
    1. Vacant Positions – Advertise the vacancies on fb, newsletter, and webpage!
      1. Secretary – OPEN
      2. Vice President – Cathy Brixen
    2. New Idea Boards
      1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CRN0W4ZWrbote57gqbXW1DN_JB0k-l0g-L16wqzO1rY/edit?usp=sharing
    3. Updates: Stephanie Koenen will be Appreciation Team Leader
    4. Get Team Captains to maintain their section.
  2. Registration Days Follow-up
    1. Cleanup List (Susan) NO UPDATE
    2. merge our old list with the new list.
    3. add “most recent” revision date column into the chart
    4. check in MailChimp for bounce emails to update list. Joe?
  3. Treasurer Report (Debbie will update prior to meeting)
    1. We have $1,083.87 in our account.  
    2. Link to ledger: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_3BsLxTWDDgSDRsenZTLTBKY1U/view?usp=sharing
    3. Would be nice if we could get our own bank accounts?  TABLED
    4. Approved to spend $82/year for website hosting fees – managed by Joe Bodin
    5. Approved to spend $200 for Game Night Event
    6. Set a loose budget:  
      1. Appreciate Team $50/month ($500/year)
      2. Event Team $200/event  ($600/year)
      3. Communications ($200/year)
      4. Beautification Team ($0/year)
      5. Miscellaneous Expenses ($200/year)
  4. Alumni Team Report – (Bonnie) – updates are being made in the Idea Board on the Alumni doc & Susan & Bonnie are making a flier.
    1. Alumni Poster – Susan and Bonnie work on.
  5. Fundraising Team (Bonnie) – updates are being made in the Idea Board on the Fundraising doc
    1. Corporate Sponsors – Susan make a flyer, Bonnie get sponsors with flyer.  Please have a form on letterhead included in a packet.  We will specifically request $200 for corporate sponsorship.
  6. Appreciation Team Report
    1. Team Captain is Stephanie Koenen.  Susan will send email to Stephanie with Alisa and last year’s team contact info.
    2. Initial Meeting/Coffee Report
  7. Beautification Team Report (Debbie)
    1. Recycling Audit report- Audited the entire school; 88% Accuracy in Recycling Bins; 75% Accuracy in Garbage Bins.  Consider a reward to motivate the kids.
    2. Make a Difference – Sat Oct 28th – 9:30am – noon – cinder removal, weeding, cutting tree suckers; wheelbarrows & shovels needed!.  Advertise on fb and newsletter.
    3. Earth Day – Sunday April 22, 2018 – 
  8. Events Team Report (Susan & Joe)
    1. Volunteer Meeting Night / Brainstorming Meeting Update 10/4
    2. Game Night (Joe) – Planning discussion.  Event to be held on Tuesday, November 7th from 6:30 to 8 pm.
    3. Make a Difference Day.  Planning discussion.  Event to be held on Saturday, October 28th from 9 to Noon – Remove cinder from ampitheater?  Get Sand or Grass Sod???
      1. Appreciate Team – host a water/gatorade bar?
    4. Plan the November Meeting – Advisory Council Tuesday 11/14 at 6:30pm
    5. Discuss the December Dance/Music Events (Debbie & Cathy will co-Team Captain)
      1. Winter Dance Events –  Dates are Dec 14, 15 & 16 – get non-dance parents
    6. We will support those events that are already on our list, and only add if specifically requested.
  9. IT/Technical Team Report (Scott)
  10. Communications Team (Joe)
    1. Year Planning – Report on Communications meeting (with Larry and Deidre).  Go to https://docs.google.com/document/d/12w82FcErBhkEZeu5UeLSXESjum0TOtn2_uWh0p3W8tA/edit?usp=sharing to view the Marketing Plan document.
    2. Website
      1. Hosting, SSL, and Domain Registration – Approval of Expenses
    3. Photographers – Assign a Photographer to every event and activity.   Current possibilities are Gabby Neilson and Jessica Bodin (both students).  Discuss with Gene Brouseau about using the Yearbook Team
    4. Emailers Scheduling – Report on Scheduling
    5. Texting Service – Report on service choices.
      1. Name Tags – Schedule a reorder date and advertise to volunteers for purchase.
      2. Volunteer Opportunity Board – Report on software choices.
      3. Public Meeting Update: Tuesday, September 26th at 5:30 pm
  11. New Business / Not on Agenda
  12. Meeting ends at:  8:04pm

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