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Retreat Meeting Minutes 6/18/17

FALA Volunteer Corps Retreat

Date/Time: Sunday, June 18th
Began: 2:30 pm (Yes, it’s Father’s Day. Happy…)
Estimated Length: 3 hours

Location:Joe and Deb’s House (in Doney Park)

In Attendance: Joe, Debbie, Larry, Bonnie, Terry, Joselyn, Susan, Alisa

Agenda Items:

What Do I Do and What Do I Want to Do?


  • Current president, in charge of most everything
  • Next year would like to do Communications Team Captain
    • Website Maintenance
    • Facebook
    • Assist with emailers
    • Writing articles for website – keep working to expand “Writing Team”
    • Create a new “Texting Service”
  • Interested in planning 1 social Event per semester (one in Fall and Spring)


  • Has been Chairperson of Appreciation Committee –
  • For next year would like to stay on committee but not be in charge (Possibly ask Gessica – Alisa and Susan should talk with her)
  • Covered Office Desk during staff meetings – Continue to provide/find coverage for desk next year
  • Assist with finding Volunteers for Task List (phone calling)


  • Coordinated carpool list – Will continue coordinating the car pool list
  • Treasurer – Will continue with Treasurer position
  • Beautification Team Leader – Will continue as Beautification Leader
    • Install Garbage/Recycle (from Grant) prior to school / School Cleanup
    • Will plan/run two Beautification Days next year (Make a Difference Day and Earth Day)
    • Recycle education program (as part of the Grant)

Susan – Will be President next year

  • Joined Advisory Team this year.
  • Helped with events (especially FALA Relax)
  • Presidential Duties:
    • Schedule Meetings (Advisory Meeting / Volunteer Event (Social Mixer and/or Volunteer Meeting)
    • Create Agenda – and get other chairs to give reports
    • Team Coordination (project
    • Communicate with school (Admin, Teachers, …)
    • Be the smiling face for the volunteer corps


  • Has been the secretary.
  • Agreeing to be “backup – secretary” or “co-secretary”.
  • Will stay on Advisory, but doesn’t know if she can commit to being secretary.

Susan will call Lisa Coe about Secretarial position. Bonnie could be a fill in/Secretary if Lisa declines.


  • Has been Newsletter person (on Communications Team), Music Rep, and helped Joe on a million things.
  • Wants to work on Alumni Team
  • Continue on Communication Team (for emailers)
  • Supreme Volunteer helper
  • Website/emails/facebook
  • Fundraising Team
  • Graduation Days

Scott (not present – discussed)

  • Joe expressed that he is good at thinking differently.  Has helped figure out how to run and create things as Vice President.
  • Has helped on numerous projects (working with Sherry)
  • Has helped Larry with IT/Tech Support and Advise (on Internet, Google School, Chrome Books, …)
  • Will he stay on as VP? On the Advisory team?
  • Coordinate with Joe on Murder Mystery event?

Abigail (not present – discussed)

  • We believe she will stay on in her current position as a Member of Advisory Team?
  • Has helped be a “Writer” on the Communications Team.

2017-2018 School Year Planning

Registration Days (August 1st and 2nd)

  • Susan will coordinate
    • Our Volunteers are there to Welcome people and Give Directions
    • Tell about Volunteer Corps (have a flyer)
    • Carpool table/info displayed and helped (Debbie will supply stuff)
    • Have a Laptop adding people’s contact information into our Chart
    • Ask People what they wish to do for volunteerism this year.
    • Help students/parents work on schedule changes with staff/admin.
  • Possible Volunteers: Bonnie, Cassie, Nadia, Sherry, Lorelei, Alex Perry,… (Alumni are helpful)
    • Tax Credit Table (Bonnie)
  • Initial Work Meeting:  Thursday, June 13th at 7 pm at FSM.

Volunteer Corps Activities

  • Volunteer Meetings (2 to 3 per semester – Set-up by President)
  • Social Events (Joe will coordinate 2 of these.  Looking for an Event “Team Co-Captain” to do the rest.)
    • Fall Event (Game Night?, Dance Night?)
    • Murder Mystery Night (in Spring)
  • Advisory Meetings (monthly – Set-up by President)
  • Beautification Days (Setup by Debbie: Make a Difference, Earth Day, and prior to school for Garbage Receptacles)

School Oriented Events (where we help, but don’t run it)

  • Orientation Days (attended by one or two key volunteers to welcome incoming families).
  • Winter Dance (concessions table and support)
  • Winter Music Event (concessions table and support)
  • Theater Support? (discuss with Mike Levin – Didn’t do much this past year.)
  • Gala Support? (provide volunteers and marketing)
  • Spring Dance (concessions table and support)
  • Spring Music Event (concessions table and support)

Advisory Team Business

The Fala Volunteer Corps has accepted Sherry Wood’s resignation as “Fundraising/Events Coordinator and Advisory Counsel” for the 2017-2018 school year.

Meeting/Retreat Adjourned:  5:12 pm  

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