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Volunteer Brainstorming Meeting Summary

We had a wonderful meeting on Wed, 10/4/17, not only discussing ideas to make FALA a better place for all, but also sharing more information about the Volunteer Corps.

The Volunteer Corps is a community of parents, students, and friends that get together to: 

  • Help the School, 
  • Create a Fun Community, and
  • Be Involved with Our Kids.

Overseeing the activities of the Volunteer Corps is the Volunteer Advisory Counsel:

  • President – Susan Fox
  • Vice-President – VACANT
  • Treasurer – Debbie Bodin
  • Secretary – VACANT
  • Members – Joe Bodin and Bonnie Dumdei

There are currently 2 Officer vacancies: Vice-President and Secretary, and room for more members.  If anyone is interested in serving on the Advisory Counsel in any capacity, we invite you to join us next Tuesday, October 11th, at 6:30 pm at the Flagstaff School of Music, 2213 E 7th Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86004. (behind Satchmo’s and next to White Dove)

We also discussed the existing teams, what was done last year, and what ideas we had for the future:

Our Teams & Team Leaders:

  • Alumni Team – Bonnie Dumdei
  • Appreciation Team – Stephanie Kohnen
  • Campus Beautification Team – Debbie Bodin
  • Carpool Program – Debbie Bodin
  • Communications/Marketing Team – Joe Bodin
  • Events – Joe Bodin (We are currently looking for a Co-Team Leader)
  • Fundraising Team – Bonnie Dumdei
  • Tech/IT Team – Scott Boynton

Ideas We Discussed:

  • Events that include the whole family, including the dog (ex: Buffalo Park dog walkathon to raise $ for a good cause).
  • Remove the cinders from the Amphitheater area so it’s safe to walk & play volleyball on (ideal would be to plant grass!).
  • Fix the eroding pathways.
  • Beautify the entrance to the school.
  • Beautify the mow strip along the street where the mailbox is.
  • Hold Parent Education Events (example: “Screenagers”, Coping Skills, etc.) for the entire Flagstaff community of parents!  We could ask for door entry to cover costs.
  • Game Nights – incorporate an element of giving back (like canned food donations).
  • Communicate Volunteer events on the Family Link page since that’s where most parents visit directly.
  • Interview the teachers & staff and post on the website to build connection.
  • Incorporate more in each event – fewer big events can make a bigger impact than several small ones – such as having parents share their skills & talents like belly dancers at the Make a Difference Day event.
  • Appreciation team brought food, gave personal cards to the staff once a month last year – coffee was a big hit, as well as the personal notes.
  • Spread the word about the AZ Tax Credit – the easiest way for folks to donate money to FALA.
  • Our next event is a Game Night on Tuesday, November 7th (Mark Your Calendar).  It will be a spinoff of “Scattergories”. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

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