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Special Thanks to Molly Silverman from The Village Land Shoppe

We’d like to thank Molly Silverman for supporting the FALA Volunteers with her donation. 

Molly is a “Certified Negotiation Expert” and “Strategic Pricing Specialist” with The Village Land Shoppe here in Flagstaff.  As a real estate agent, she brings a wide range of expertise that help you with negotiation, protection, education, and marketing. Buying and selling real estate is often an incredibly emotional experience. She gets to know her clients and provides them with the information and insight to guide them through one of the biggest decisions and transitions of their lives.

The Village Land Shoppe is a locally owned and operated business that has provided high quality service for over 30 years, and Molly has been here in town since 1999.

For more information about Molly and her company, please contact her at 928-380-0888, molly.silverman.sells@gmail.com, catch her on Facebook, or go to www.mollysilvermansells.com.

Northern Arizona Heroes Club

Molly also asked us to plug an organization that directly helps teachers called the Northern Arizona Heroes Club.  This organization is a group of local service providers who work together to find discounts and savings for our community heroes. They were raised by Teachers, inspired by Medical Professionals, protected by First Responders and are indebted to our Military. 

For the past year, they have been working with National Discount Groups that weren’t doing enough to serve our local heroes. So, they decided to honor our community in a different way by bringing together local business, service providers and Active and Retired locals who have served our community to provide discounts and give back.

Molly’s company delivers gifts to Fire and Police stations, host lunches for Veterans, offer giveaways for teachers and celebrate our medical professionals.  They strive to create a community inside of Northern Arizona that honors our Heroes.

Please “Like” their Facebook page to be informed of our upcoming events.  You can also become a member (at no charge) by going to http://nazheroesclub.com.

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