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Flagstaff School of MusicHere is a local business that has truly supported the FALA Volunteer Corps.  They have gone above and beyond any reasonable expectations to try to be involved in the happenings at FALA, and we really want to say “Thank You” for everything they have done.

Bonnie Dumdei and Terry Alan are the owners of the Flagstaff School of Music (FSM).  Both of them have always been big supporters of FALA and they are proud parents of FALA Alumni.  Any time that we need help with anything, you can be sure that Bonnie will be one of the first to volunteer.  She currently is our Music Representative, creates all of our Email Newsletters, helps Organize our Contact Lists, and always is one of the first to offer to be on our Committees to help get them started.  She is especially interested in bringing the FALA Alumni back into the school and to help work with the Music Department…!

It is clear that as a business community member, FSM truly believes in supporting The Arts.  They encourage all of the student musicians to come perform at their EastSide Show (held on the third Saturday of every month at FSM and White Dove Coffee), so that the students can get experience performing in a small public setting.  They often offer their location up for meetings and activities…  They are true supporters!

Bonnie DumdeiTerry AlanPlease take a moment to thank Bonnie and Terry for all that they do for the FALA Volunteer Corps and our whole community!

Flagstaff School of Music

Phone: (928) 268-1108
Email: bonnie@flagstaffschoolofmusic.com
Website: www.flagstaffschoolofmusic.com

If you are looking for music lessons, these are the people you want to do it with!

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