Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy
Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy

FALA Volunteer Corps

2018 Blues & Brews – Huge Thank You!

Thank you to Peak Events, Debbi and Jennifer Grogan for putting on such a great event and for making FALA the beneficiary of the generous Blues and Brews Community. And…

Cheers to the Volunteers!

Event Volunteers

Elizabeth Driebe
Susan and Jeran Fox
Kathy Lampros
Erin Maloney
Melissa Rhodes
Brody Winger
Yes Newsliver and Family
Chad, Carson and Sierra Pinkston

Booth Volunteers

Deidre Crawley
Tanya and Robert Buckley
Janine Birchard and Jon Edwards
Craig Yarbrough
Eric Walden
Ignacia Vaiza
Stacy Pinkston

First Friday Flyers

Amanda Costea and Dylan Costea