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A Year in Review and New Steps to the Future

A Truly Successful Year

This has been an amazing year for the FALA Volunteer Corps. One year ago we had no organization at all for parents and volunteers to be involved with. Now, as a team, we have worked together to create an organization that is stable and has accomplished some pretty amazing things at our school. We all should be very proud of the work that we have done. It is now time to start looking towards the future – to next year – to continue moving us in the right direction.

I want to start by overviewing some of the major accomplishments of our Volunteer Corps. This is a bit of a “year in review” to show you how much we really have done. It’s going to be a bit long because we actually did a lot!

Creation of New Organization: We have successfully created a new organization! The Volunteer Corps now has a full Advisory Counsel of nine people dedicated to maintaining a strong organization. We have money in the bank to invest in future programs. We have systems in place. We are an organized organization.

Alumni Team: They have successfully uploaded every school dance for the past 20 years and tons of pictures onto YouTube/Facebook. Beyond that, this Team is just getting started, but the backbone of everything they need is in place including a website section and the beginnings of a contact list. The reality is that this Team is primed and ready to take off next year.

Appreciation Team: One of our most productive and active Teams is the Appreciation Team. They were designed to “thank” those who deserve recognition on our campus – and thank people they have. They have successfully completed a Teacher Appreciation every month of this school year. I haven’t had so many Teachers smile at me in years – and this Team is the reason why. They are awesome!

Communications Team: This Team successfully created all of our communication and marketing this year. We have an awesome Website, a Facebook page, a MailChimp list/account for emailers, and the beginnings of a Writing Team. The foundation for getting the word out on our activities is functional.

In-School Support: Some of you may not realize that, through our efforts, there were more parents on campus than ever before. When Teachers needed drivers or chaperones, we put the word out and helped them get them. Our Volunteers also manned the front office every Friday this year to help the Administration and Staff. We were a positive presence on campus all year.

In-School Events: We have been active all year helping out with many of the annual school events. During the Winter Escapades and Spring 20/20 Vision Show, we brought back the concessions, flowers, dance tables, and provided volunteers to organize everything. Additionally, our volunteers have been active at school events including: helping with the organization of Registration Days, providing baked goods at the Music Concert, volunteer crews for all facets of the 20th Birthday Extravaganza, giving introductions at Orientation Days, … and we are geared up to help with the upcoming Graduation. We truly have helped make school events better!

Our Own Events and Meetings: Throughout the year we had regular meetings and open houses for volunteers and we have also hosted a number of our own social mixers. If you missed our mixer at Taverna, our Game Night at the Toasted Owl, or our FALA Relax Massage Event at White Dove/FSM, then you missed a ton of fun. We created our own social culture and it is pretty great!

School Beautification: Throughout the year we hosted three Beautification Days and accomplished many things on campus including: painting a bookshelf for our new math teacher; painting the picnic tables; working with the horticulture class providing supplies and repairing tools; graveling the FALA entrance; building a path from the amphitheater to the bus stop;… This Team did a ton of work on campus. And now, they have successfully been awarded a $2,000 grant from the city to put in outdoor garbage/recycle receptacles on campus. If you are looking for activities we accomplished, just look at this Team.

Tech Advisory Support: Before we got started, there was almost no Internet on Campus and the computers were falling apart. With our techie help, the Administration has been able to get rocking Internet across the whole school, replace computer systems, and begin the process to become a Google School (including Chromebooks). Our Tech Team helped make this happen!

This is just some of what we accomplished this year. If I were to write everything, then this document would be a hundred pages long. Our Volunteer Corp went from nothing to successfully accomplishing the true task of helping create a better family and culture at our school. True success…!

A Look to the Future

So, now it is time to look towards the future. It’s time to take the organization that we have built and strengthen it into a self-sustainable entity that flows and adapts with the needs of our school. We obviously will need new volunteers to step up and will also need to take a new look at everything we have been doing to make it an even better success next year. This will entail looking at the old and focusing in a new direction.

With this in mind, it is time for new Leadership. One year ago, I took over and ran graduation and have not stopped since then. I have worked all year doing what I could to make all of the above happen – with your help – and now it is time for someone to take those things and mold it into something new.

My strength is in creation. I am good at coming up with ideas, working with everyone to formulate what we want, and then organizing it into something functional. We now have this – we have Systems and Teams in place. So, it is time for me to step aside in my leadership role to ask another to take what I have done and smooth over the rough spots. It’s time for someone with the skills to run an organization to step up.

Effective immediately, I am stepping down as President of the Advisory Counsel. I’m not going anywhere. I fully intend to stay on the Counsel as a Member to help transition and move things forward for years to come. I wish to have my role change from creating the organization to focusing on select projects to enhance what we all have grown together.

It has been an honor to be your President, and I thank you all sooooo much for your support, your compassion, your sense of volunteerism, and all the great smiles and hugs. I’m looking forward to being a part of the Team as we move into next year’s adventures.


Joe Bodin
FALA Volunteers, President 2016/2017


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