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Board Retreat a Big Success

This past weekend, on Father’s Day, a group of our dedicated volunteers got together for a Board Retreat.  The group discussed everything we’ve been doing and began looking towards the future.  Each person talked about what they had focused on this past year, and then what they wanted to focus on for next year.  As we went through, it was amazing how much all of these volunteers wanted to not only work on things next year, but delve into new and exciting adventure for next year too.

A Big Announcement

The FALA Volunteer Corps is pleased to announce that our new President will be Susan Fox.

Susan began volunteering mid-year and immediately made a huge difference.  She joined our Advisory Counsel and started working on projects right away.  She was an amazing help on our FALA Relax event and has been an integral part of helping us get more and more organized as the year went by.  Please take a moment to smile (and hug) her as she takes on the responsibility of being our leader.  Tell her you are here for her and how you want to help her make us even more successful for next year.

Seeking Volunteers

We are currently working on a few of our Teams as we plan for next year.  If you are looking to be a key volunteer, here are some of the positions and areas we currently need help with.  Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our Advisory Team to ask questions.  None of the positions we are creating should be a huge responsibility.  We want everything we do to be fun and good for our school.

Appreciation Team Captain – This team is awesome and has a nice group of volunteers who are extremely dedicated.  Alisa Ashley was our Team Captain last year and she’d like to simply be on the team this year (more of a Co-Captain).  So, we are seeking someone who can simply keep on eye on the progress of this group.

Event Team Captain – We are looking for someone to help organize our Volunteer Events and Involvement in School Events.  Joe Bodin has agreed to be Co-Captain and will run two events next year (one each semester), so half the job is in good hands.  If you like the idea of being a bit of an Events Coordinator, then this is for you.  It’s a ton of fun and we like to build a “team” for each event to help out.

Communication Team Members – We are looking to expand some of our communications this upcoming year.  We have our Website, Facebook, and Emailers.  We are working on adding a Texting service and always want people who want to be Writers.  If you like the marketing end of things that is a bit behind the scenes, we’d love for you to be on our Team.

Planning for Registration Days

This is our first event every year!  This year it will be held on August 1st and 2nd.  During these days, every student/family comes down to the school and picks up their schedules, pays their fees, does auditions, and learns about what will be happening.  

The Volunteer Corps provides most of the helpers and support.  We usually have an informative table, help direct people to the right place, and do our best to make sure the Administration, Teachers, and Staff have the manpower they need to make these days successful.  So, we are looking for Volunteers.

Susan Fox (our new President) will be heading the Team for this school event.  We already have worked out a “plan of action” during our retreat.  

Our big meeting for volunteers to organize together will be held on Thursday, July 13th at 7 pm at the Flagstaff School of Music.  We plan the meeting to be quick and informative.  Mark your calendar and join us!

We hope you join our Volunteer Corps in our grand adventures!




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