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7th Grade Field Trip to The Peaks | Chaperones Needed

Peaks Personal Histories Project

We’ve been asked by Mr Susak and Mr Lyerly to try to help them get chaperones to go to The Peaks on a 7th grade field trip.  They will be walking from FALA to The Peaks Assisted Living Home down the road.  They need parent volunteers to walk with them and chaperone the kids during this field trip project.


Time: 8:45 to 10:10 am (during 1st hour)

Dates: Tuesday, May 2nd and Thursday, May 4th

Activity Planned: The 7th graders will interview a resident of the Peaks Assisted Living Home, research for historical context, then write fictionalized stories based on the residents’ experiences.

If you can help be a chaperone, please contact Eric Susak at esusak@flagarts.com.