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Classroom Connections | First Edition

I think it’s important for everyone to know what is happening in the Classrooms at school.  The more that parents know how AWESOME our Teachers are and get to know them, the more we all can be involved and help them with their plans.  I had the opportunity this week to poke my head into most of the Middle School classrooms.  So, here are some tidbits of things happening at school.

Smiles,  Joe Bodin (Volunteer Corps President)

Elden PuebloWhere There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Vrendi Will, our Middle School Science Teacher, has big plans to take the 7th/8th grade classes on a Field Trip to the Elden Pueblo.  She’s been talking with the Forest Service about all sorts of activities including some Archaeological Talks that will be fun for the kids.  Field Trips are a great way to get the kids out of the school into a fun learning environment.
The plan isn’t firmed up yet, but she hopes to take the 7th Graders in Mid-October and then the 8th Graders in the Spring.  The proposed (but not set) date for the first trip is October 13th from 9 am to 2 pm.  There will be around 50 students going and 4 teachers.  So, our Chaperone Committee will need to help find approximately 6 to 7 Drivers to help transport the kids.  If you think you might be able to do that, please email vwill@flagarts.com or Kara McAlister (our Chaperone Committee Chair) at (928) 240-0085 or k13mom2003@yahoo.com.  Once we have the firmed up dates, we’ll be blasting this out all over the place so you know it’s coming up!

Give Back for Susak

Stories of Life

Eric-SusakEric Susak, our Middle School English Teacher, wants to take his 7th Graders to The Peaks for a Field Trip to hear stories from seniors about their lives.  His plan is to have the kids listen to “life stories” and then come back to the classroom and write about it.  He wants to “give back” to senior citizens so that their stories carry on forever.  This is just in the formulation stage, but if you wish to be a Chaperone for his Field Trip, just tell us.

Help with Classroom Writing

Eric Susak also expressed that he would love to have a parent or two help him in his classroom.  Our Volunteer Corps is trying to promote our In School Support Program, and this fits in perfectly.  Mr Susak talked about how he gets rolling with the kids on a writing project, and then he can’t keep up with all of their questions as they are writing.  He wants a parent or two to be in the class with him and help the kids with their writing projects.  This could be something you do at a set time each week or work with him to come in when specific projects are happening.  If you want to be involved in a classroom and are good at writing, then email him at esusak@flagarts.com or contact us.

Janeece-HenesI’ve Got Something to Teach – Be a Parent Teacher

Janeece Henes, one of our awesome Art Teachers, is creating a program to bring Parents into the Classroom to teach special skills.  This is part of the Advisory Program and fits in perfectly with our In School Support concept.  What she wants is to have parents and community members who have special “life skills” to come in and do quick clinics and workshops for the kids.  This could be something like “How to Change a Bike/Car Tire” or “A CPR Demonstration” or “How to Balance a Checkbook”.  If you have ANY skill you want to teach the kids and can come to school on Fridays between 11:05 to 11:45 am (40 minutes), please email jhenes@flagarts.com or click here to download the flyer/form.

Doug-LyerlyI’m a Theater Person and I Admit It

Doug Lyerly, our Middle School Social Studies Teacher, is also a Theater guy.  He helps put together a show that will be performed at the end of the year.  He expressed that his biggest difficulty is always getting someone to help with Costumes and Props.  He is seeking a parent or two to help with the Theater performance and I told him that we shouldn’t wait to ask.  If you wish to be part of the theater performance in any capacity (especially with Costumes and Props), please email dlyerly@flagarts.com and be a part of the big show!

Deep_River_sheet_music_page_oneI Lost My Sheet Music – I Know It Was In My Backpack?

Eric Walden, our new FALA Singers Teacher, has a great idea to keep students from losing all of their Sheet Music.  He’d like to have Cubby Holes built somewhere in the music area so each student can leave their music folders on campus. He looked into buying one and found that the cost was astronomical.  So, he thought perhaps some industrious parent or two (or a volunteer group) might be willing to build it for him.  If you are handy with a hammer and saw, please email Eric at ewalden@flagarts.com or contact Richard Ransom (Foreman of the School Beautification Committee) at (928) 205-5396.

That’s all folks…!  

If you have anything you wish to see on the next Classroom Connection, please contact Joe Bodin at (928) 526-6991 or info@flagstaffcentral.com to get your info in…!

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