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The Classroom Connections this week is all about two very focused teachers I recently was able to sit down with in their classes.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about who they are and what they are working on for our kids.  They are both fairly new teachers to FALA and I could feel their excitement about being in such a great school.

Here’s their stories…

Joe Bodin
Volunteer President

The Math Planner

kayla-richards-croppedI poked my nose into the high school math room and smiled at Kayla Richards.  At first she was a bit hesitant until I talked with her all about what the Volunteer Corps wants to do.  She then opened up and talked with me about herself and how passionate she is to really make a difference to our kids.  Her total focus, complete focus, is on working on her lesson plans to make sure she is moving the kids forward in Mathematics.  As a new teacher, all of her lesson plans are new as she guides the kids through her course curriculum.  No grandiose plans for field trips.  Simply a desire to get her classes rocking!

Her one comment on how Parents could help out is devising a plan to create “Homework Planners” designed to help the kids schedule their assignments better.  She showed me an example from her own experiences that was on paper.  I suggested that perhaps we could devise a way to use Google Calendar or Google Sheets to help the kids get organized – after all, we are becoming a Google School.  We need some way that the kids could grab and track things on their phones to know when they have something due.  So, maybe there’s a parent out there with the skills to figure out this organizational tool to help Ms Kalya help the kids with their Homework?  She would love to see this implemented school wide!

Seeking Halloween Decorators

batI told Kayla about FALAween and she would love to have her room DECORATED.  Any industrious parent, kid, teacher, alumni, … who wants to create a Team to work on this fun project is welcome to spearhead it!  A spoooooky fun time!

Math Tutoring

There is High School Math Tutoring on Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 5 pm.  Our Math Teachers (Kayla Richards and Kelsy Neihard) split the time.  math-iconsIf your child is having any math issues they should stay to get personalize help!

Dave EdgeOn the Edge of Science

Last year, Dave Edge started at FALA as a High School Math Teacher, but his true love is for Science.  When the position came open this year, he grabbed it with both hands.  He really, really wanted it and is so excited to be teaching the area that he loves.

True passion can be seen in the way someone talks about something, in the energy of their voice, in the glint of their eye.  I saw all of this as I sat with Dave.  This is his place.

Within one year, Dave has gotten super-involved in activities at our school.  Just last week he went off with Dustin Kulurus and a bunch of kids to the Grand Canyon on a field trip that was a partnership with Grand Canyon Trust and Arizona Ranchers (talked about in a previous Classroom Connection).  Beyond this, he is the sponsor teacher of many clubs on campus that revolve around Science.  He helps run the new Environmental Club, Computer Club, and the Science/Technology Club.  These he helps out DURING LUNCH in his classroom.

Bike to School Raffle

Dave was telling me about a new program that his Environmental Club has started and I’d like to encourage the Parents to get their kids to become involved.  Obviously, not everyone can Bike to School, but those that can – should.

family-bikingIf your kid bikes to school, they can go get a Raffle Ticket.  Once a week, the Club chooses a winner who then gets a Gift Card (mostly valued at around $20).  A great way to encourage a “clean” way to get to school!

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: You could give a “Gift Card” to your place of business to this Club to further this activity!!!!  Contact Dave at dedge@flagarts.com or contact us.

River Trip Dream

Another thing that Dave would like to do is organize a River Trip with Grand Canyon Youth.  It’s just in the idea stage right now, but he hopes to give it an enviro-sustainable slant.  If you want to help raise funds for this sort of thing, just contact Dave.

Science/Computer/Math Lectures

We aren’t done yet… Dave and I talked about is the possibility of having some Parents who have science oriented professional skills come in to talk with the kids.  This could be on a Computer Topic for the Computer Club, Sustainability for the Environmental Club, etc…  So, if you have a thought on a topic you could “guest lecture” to these clubs (at lunch time during school).  Please contact Dave to work out the details.  It will be fun and energizing!

masksmasks-leftCostumes & Props Master Needed

In a previous Classroom Connection, I mentioned that Doug Lyerly is seeking some help with Costumes and Props for the spring theater performance.  I don’t believe that anyone has stepped up yet, so please consider this.  It will be a fun, theatrical experience…  Contact Doug at dlyerly@flagarts.com if you are interested.


  • The FALA “Parking Lot Sale” will be on Saturday, September 24th from 8 am to 2 pm.
  • The world premier of “Hypatia’s Math”, FALA’s first play of the year, on Saturday, September 24th at 7 pm and Sunday, September 25th at 3 pm at CCA. It is a free event that is part of the Festival of Science.
  • The next FALA Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 26th at 3:30 pm in Room 8.
  • The 8th Grade Elden Pueblo Field Trip will be on Thursday, October 13th (Drivers are needed).
  • Our next School Beautification Day will be on Saturday, October 22nd from 9 am to Noon.

If you have anything you wish to see on the next Classroom Connection, please contact Joe Bodin at (928) 526-6991 or info@flagstaffcentral.com to get your suggestions in…!

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