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I’d like to start by saying how absolutely amazing our Teachers are…  I’ve made a plan to poke my nose into all of their classrooms one at a time, sort of a once a week classroom exploration for me.  What blows me away is the sheer energy and enthusiasm I’ve gotten from EVERY Teacher I’ve talked to.  All I’m seeking is to find out a little about them, what they are teaching, what their passions are, what they need, and then pass it on to you so that we all get to know them and help them as well.  I have to say that this is one of the most exciting pieces for me as I’ve been working with the Volunteer Corps.  So, here goes with this weeks Classroom Connections…

Smiles,  Joe Bodin (Volunteer Corps President)

The Overwhelming Math Class

I’d like to welcome Will Baldwin to our array of Teachers.  He is the new Math Teacher on campus and if you get a chance to wave at him and say, “Hi!”, I’d like to encourage you to do so…  As he’s getting his feet wet at school, the shuffle of students in different math levels gave him a BIG Pre-Algebra Class first thing in the morning.  I sat and talked with him about this experience and I could see that he might enjoy a bit of help.  So, I suggested to him that maybe we could look for a PARENT MATH GOD.

Will would love it if a parent who is mathematically minded would sit in on this class and help him help the students as they work on their math assignments.  It’s a big class and another set of smart eyes would make his day start off a bit easier.

If you are available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:45 to 10:10 am, please contact either Deidre Crawley (our Dean) at at dcrawley@flagarts.com or Will Baldwin (Math Teacher) at mbaldwin@flagarts.com.  This is a part of our In School Support Program.

Those gifted with the Math Genius should jump forward and join the fun!


The details are in and we need to step up to make it happen.

The 8th Grade Class under the leadership of Vrendi Will along with her Middle School teacher cohorts have has officially scheduled a Field Trip to Elden Pueblo.  This trip will be taking 54 students/teachers on a grand archaeological adventure to one of our local historical places.  And, you too could go, explore and learn…!

8th Grade Elden Pueblo Field Trip
Thursday, October 13th
Parent Drivers Needed from 8:15 am to 2:30 pm

8th-GradeVolunteers will be welcome to stay and explore with the kids OR you can simply be the driver there in the morning (at 8:15 am) and then come back in the afternoon (at 2:00 pm) to drive everyone back to school.  We have calculated that we need 8 to 9 drivers depending on the vehicle size…!

If you wish to be a driver, you can simply go to our Volunteer Signup form and Choose “Elden Pueblo Field Trip” in the bottom section of the form or you can contact us.


Gilmore Declares It’s Time to Read More

What the Heck is a Library Card

Library-CardJulia Gilmore, one of our High School English Teachers, is extremely passionate about books.  She wants to take the 9th Graders on a field trip to the Flagstaff Public Library.

Yes, the Library…  That place that has books…  The goal is to get them all a Library Card and get a tour of ALL OF THE AWESOME RESOURCES our Library has to offer.  Kids think that they can get everything off of Google, but a Library is still THE PLACE.  It truly is…!

Julia GilmoreThis is a teaser for this event…  As soon as Julia tells us what she needs and when the trip will be, we’ll be reaching out to ask you to be a Chaperone Driver. Stay tuned…!

Round Two Goes to the 10th Graders

Julia didn’t want to leave out her 10th Graders either, so her vision for them is a trip to NAU Cline Library.  It may happen, it may not.  It’s a vision right now…

She sees having a college campus library right here in our town as a HUGE RESOURCE for her students.  Cline is filled with research possibilities that can expand the minds of our kids and take them to another level. She also wants to set them up using the “systems” available like JStore, WorldCat and EbscoHost.  It’s likely I spelled some of these wrong or botched up the abbreviation because I looked at her with a blank stare when she rattled off these terms.  So, I guess I have a lot to learn about the possibilities of getting a wealth of information from the resources right here in town too.

Are you ready to delve into a new world of information?  You can help Julia get this trip going and learn yourself while spending some time with the kids at our school.  This should be a fun trip winding you through the depths of knowledge.  As a fortune cookie used to tell me all the time, Knowledge is Power, and you too can grab a piece of this force.

Powells BooksBook Your Road Trip

So, if you thought that Julia Gilmore was done with her ideas, then you are completely wrong.  She has an idea for another Field Trip, but it is a big endeavor.  Her idea… She wants to take the 10th and 11th Graders on a West Coast Library Road Trip.  Her idea entails lots of camping and lots of libraries and bookstores.

This trip sounds awesome and you shouldn’t wait to Volunteer to help her out.  This has a TON of PLANNING involved and perhaps some well motivated Parent Volunteers might also want to be part of this experience.

After working at Bookmans for 8 years (almost 20 years ago), I can tell you that I Dream of Books.  If you dream of books the way I do, then you better put your hat forward and get in touch with Julia Gilmore at jgilmore@flagarts.com or contact us and we’ll get you into the scoop for these amazing trip.

The FALA Counsel Rocks!

Our awesome Dean, Deidre Crawley, has started a new group called The FALA Counsel.  This group meets on the LAST MONDAY of EVERY MONTH at 3:30 pm in Room 8 at the school. It is a group of Students, Teachers, Administration, Staff, and Parent Volunteers.  Their job – brainstorm and set the vision for the school.


I want to encourage all of the parents to consider coming to this meeting. I went to the latest meeting and to be honest, I think I learned more from the Students about what is happening at school and what they want then I had ever heard before.  This is an opportunity to create and be involved!

If you have anything you wish to see on the next Classroom Connection, please contact Joe Bodin at (928) 526-6991 or info@flagstaffcentral.com to get your suggestions in…!

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