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Cooking Up Some Serious Appreciation For Teachers

On Dec. 1, FALA parents created a beautiful spread of food for teachers and staff who stayed at school for meetings that afternoon. Thank you!


Fifteen FALA families contributed to the December 1 lunch for FALA faculty & staff.

The salads, breads & desserts were exquisite!  And so thoroughly appreciated by our teachers.  The staff remarked enthusiastically on the variety of foods, especially healthy & gluten-free options and, of course, the tempting desserts.

Thank you, awesome FALA parents, for making this first Appreciation Team event possible. It was so fun to put faces with a few names from the “Sign Up.”  I am also grateful to all the parents who helped to set up our buffet.  (Don’t forget to pick up your serving dishes at the school office.)

More meals events will be planned for the spring.  If you have any ideas, send me a note!  With your help, future events can be even better with your creative input!

Thank you again,

Stephanie Kohnen

FALA Volunteer Appreciation Team Captain


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