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Spring Dance Concert Volunteers Still Needed

The Spring Dance Concert is This Weekend (May 3rd and 4th)!!!

We are still looking for volunteers to help at the performances to keep things running
smoothly and help raise money for the FALA dance program
while they are working hard on stage.

We need volunteers to help with the Ticket Tables, the Flower Sales Table & the Dance Sales Tables at the performances.

Note that you can volunteer and attend the performance, you just need to be a little flexible.

Volunteering for one of the Ticket Tables would be the ideal if you also want to attend the performance you are volunteering at.
Just have someone save you a seat and then slip into the performance right when the doors are closing.  We will pair you up with
a volunteer that won’t be attending that performance who can stay at the Ticket Table for a little while after the performance starts.
After the performance is going the volunteering duties at the Ticket Table are over.

Volunteering at one of the Sales Tables and attending the performance you are volunteering at is a little more complicated,
but can still be done.  We just ask that during the intermission and after the performance that you return to the
Sales Table you are volunteering at.  If you would like to volunteer for the Flower Sales Table or Dance Sales Table,
it would be a good idea to leave an item on a chair close to the entrance/exit (or have someone save you a chair close
to the entrance/exit if you will be attending with anyone) so you can slip out/in easily
for the sales during the intermission and after the performance has ended.

Please click on the Sign Up link to volunteer for one of the Tables at the performances this weekend.

Team Captain: Tim Mahannah mahannah@sbcglobal.net (510) 332-1539

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