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FALA Council Meeting | Please Attend in September

Deidre-CrawleyOur awesome Dean, Deidre Crawley, has started a new group called the FALA Council.  This group meets on the LAST MONDAY of EVERY MONTH at 3:30 pm in Room 8 at the school.

The next meeting is
Monday, September 26th at 3:30 pm.

I want to encourage all of the parents to consider coming to this meeting.  I attended today and it was a great experience.  I came out of it energized and feeling inspired by what I heard.  This is an open meeting that is attended by Students, Staff/Admin, Teachers, and Parents.  It was completely a team building experience that I think everyone will want to be part of…

At the meeting today (Sept 29th), there were 5 students, 4 parents (including myself), 1 staff member, and our Dean.  We discussed our visions for the school – Deidre called it “Celebrations” – to find out what we all really wanted.  We then discussed how this year is a Transition Year were things were being recreated, fixed, repaired, and focused.  We talked about ideas for the 20th Anniversary celebration figuring out ways to make this a great year.  And then, we brainstormed on new ideas, needs, and action planning.

To be honest, I think I learned more from the Students about what is happening at school and what they want then I had ever heard before.  They are amazing kids and their energy was infectious.  I found out about “The Llama Show” – you MUST check it out.  We talked about how the Music Department is being reformed and the kids were excited.  I heard about activities from NHS and NJHS, and things they wanted to see happen…  This was truly a great meeting!


Joe Bodin
Volunteer Corps President

Come to this meeting to be Inspired and Involved!  You won’t regret it…

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