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FALA Graduation 2016: The Program

Click Here to VIEW and PRINT the 2016 Graduation Program

Graduation Commencement

Welcome Everyone

Deidre Crawley (Dean) & Laura Kelly (Director)

Senior Speaker

Loralei Standish

Keynote Speaker

Janeece Henes

Valedictorian Speech

Naomi Francis

Diploma’s given out to the Class of 2016

Senior Tribute Letters read by Mike Levin & Allison Gruber

Incapacitated Syncopation – Music with Marley Wall & Daniel Steadman

Final Sendoff

Kaia Rodriguez (Stu-co President)

Click Here to VIEW and PRINT the 2016 Graduation Program

FALA is a big believer in conservation and we teach our students to think this way. To this end, we decided this year to “save paper” and not print out programs during the event.  You can use the links above to print your own copy if you wish.  This page is Mobile Friendly and you will be able to use it in place of a printed program.

Cover Photo & Design by Logan Anderson.

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