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To All the Parent & Student Volunteers

FALA Volunteers at the GraduationI really want to thank all of the volunteers that helped us out during the Graduation.  The event went very well.  We had even more people than expected and you made it possible to make it as smooth as we could make it.  I was blown away by the dedication and drive of all of the volunteers!  Anytime we needed something done, there was a smiling face saying, “What can I do?”  It doesn’t get any better than that…

Deidre Crawley, DeanThe main thing that makes me happy is that the majority of the Graduating Seniors came to me one at a time with a heartfelt “Thank You” during the event.  So, I wanted to pass on their “Thanks…” and tell you that you were very much appreciated.

I know I cried a bunch of times, so we were successful in making it a truly creative, sappy, FALA oriented event!

Thank You!

Joe Bodin, Event Host

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