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High-School-IconHigh School Parent Representatives

Estimated Time Responsibility: 2 to 3 hours per month (as needed)

Representatives Needed: 2 to 3 parents

Job Description:

The High School Parent Representatives are essentially the Point of Contacts for the whole school area.  The idea is that if a Student or Teacher has any issues, ideas, or needs help, the Representatives will be who they will call or email.  Then, that person will try to figure out how to solve the problem or implement what they need.  If they can do it without help, then great.  If not, they will then call up on the Volunteer Corp for help. The Representatives should NOT do all of the work.  They are the Point of Contact there to help solve and implement!

An example:  Let’s say the 12th Grade English Teacher wants to take a field trip to NAU.  They will need help coordinating/planning the event and then will most likely need Chaperone/Drivers to get the kids there. So, that Teacher will be encouraged to contact a Representative.  You would help them coordinate the event as best you can AND then will contact the Chaperone Committee to get the needed Drivers.

Your Contact Info:  Please note that your Name, Phone, and Email will be posted on our website to help make it easier for you to be contacted (unless you specifically request us not to).

Interested: If you wish to be the High School Parent Representative, please contact Joe Bodin (President) at (928) 526-6991 or info@flagstaffcentral.com.

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