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Holiday Appreciation Gifts: Delivered!


Holiday gifts for teachers included a $10 Harkins Movie card.

You Helped Make It Happen  – Thank You!

On Monday, December 11, every member of the FALA faculty & staff received a holiday gift from FALA parents and the FALA Volunteer Corps.

The gift bags included a $10 Harkins Movie Gift Card, a holiday tea, candy & other snack. Each gift included a note of appreciation. (Your words of gratitude were included!)

Teachers and staff also were able to choose a movie snack of their choice – a voucher for free popcorn or candy. Healthier options were also available.

Appreciation Team Helper Evie Kohnen delivered the tray of movie treats for FALA teachers & staff.

As my daughter and I delivered the gift bags to the mailboxes, it was fun to hear teachers excitedly mull over their choices. (“Popcorn later or candy now?”)  Nothing compares to the fun of delivering gifts to our hardworking teachers and staff. They are so appreciative.

Thank you, FALA parents, for making this possible!  With your help, we raised $390 to purchase 39 gift cards.  Money from the FALA Volunteer Corps (about $75) paid for the additional treats.

Your generosity really made a difference!

Thank you so very much!

Stephanie Kohnen
Appreciation Team Captain

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