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Holiday Appreciation Gifts: Thanks for the support!

FALA Volunteers set up a table with Holiday Gifts and Treats for FALA teachers and staff on Dec. 12, 2018.


(Spoiler Alert: If you are a teacher or staff member who has not opened your gift yet, stop reading here.)

Way to go, awesome FALA Parents!  Thanks to your generosity, the Holiday Appreciation Gifts for FALA teachers and staff were TWICE as big as last year.

More than 30 FALA families made donations to a special fund in support of these gifts.  That’s huge! We know it’s a testament to how much this school means to you.

As a result, we were able to give the 44 people who work for FALA a more significant gift this holiday season.

Each of the 44 FALA employees received a gift bag that included chocolates, peanuts and a $20 Harkins gift card.  Keeping with the movie theme, a variety treats and popcorn were also offered to the teachers and staff. (First treat to get picked? Steamed edamame!)

The gifts were distributed on Wednesday, Dec. 12.  I won’t lie, that is pretty much the best job in town: Gifting teachers. They are so appreciative. Lots of smiles and hugs in return.

Thank you again, FALA parents, for not only making it possible but by exceeding our expectations! Wow!

Stephanie Kohnen, Appreciation Team Captain

Students gathered around as middle-school social studies teacher Mr. Borham selected a treat from the Holiday Appreciation Gift table.

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